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I'm back at work today after being off sick for the past two days. I started feeling crappy on Sunday afternoon. It generally helps for me if I take it easy and take care of myself when I'm first getting sick, so that's what I did. I sound worse now than I have the past two days, but I'm feeling better. It's moved from the sore throat/tired all the time into mostly just a head cold now. Which still sucks, but doesn't really keep me from being at work. Plus, I don't get paid sick days, so two is kind of my limit unfortunately.

Up until I started feeling sick though, I had a great weekend!

Friday night the girls ([ profile] mum2hailey, [ profile] bellajellybean & [ profile] sengalli) came over for dinner and scrapbooking. Julie & Kate picked me up from work and we headed home from there. Cyndi joined us a while later after a bit of trouble finding the place. We had some pizza, orgasm dessert (first comment, 2c) and birthday cake for Cyndi. Then we moved the party downstairs near the woodstove for scrapbooking. Cyndi had unfortunately forgotten to bring her pictures with her, but she shared her scrapbooking goodies and expertise with the rest of us. I completed six whole pages which I was thrilled with! I still probably have 12 or so pages left to go but the end is in sight finally! I've been working on it for over a year now anyway!

The girls all left just after midnight, and I collapsed into bed. Dan came home shortly after that. He'd been banished from the house for the evening and went to see a movie with Jeremy.

Saturday morning I got up and headed into town to my friend Brennan's place. I left my truck there and she drove us into Toronto for the day. Our mission was to find the Girl Guide store so we could pick up uniforms. After a few false starts (ie getting lost), we made it to the store. $120 each later and they let us out of the store. I did get my uniform though, and some other goodies.

After all of that, it was about 1:30 and we were both starving and in the mood for some real shopping, so we hit up the Scarborough Town Center. Food court first, and then some shopping. We should have stopped after the first two stores though, because we walked the entire mall and didnt buy anything else!

I did get a new purse, a pair of cords, two lace tank tops, a 3/4 length tee, and a knit zip up hoodie that I'm in love with. So that was a success. And again, $100 later they let me leave the mall. ;)

We came back home after that to have dinner with our respective husbands. Then Dan & I spent the rest of the evening cuddling on the couch and watching Big Bang Theory on DVD and him playing Xbox while I knit.

On Sunday, Dan went out to his parents house in the morning while I stayed home and did laundry and cleaned. Then he came home and the weather was shitty, so we spent the rest of the day in a repeat of the night before. I also wasn't feeling great by this point, so I definitely didn't feel like doing anything else and I also threw a nap in there as well as talking to my mom on the phone.

The past two days were spent rotating between napping, watching House (Season 2/3), Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (Season 4), knitting and checking my email (and little else online since we only have dial-up at home). Now I'm back at work where I'm rotating between the hot water dispenser for my tea and the bathroom to pee out the tea and blow my nose.

My plans for the rest of the week are to take it easy really. We have some fun stuff planned for the weekend, so I'd like to be feeling better by then! We're going to go to our friend Shirley's house Friday night. She wants to do something for Halloween, so we may rent a scary movie and hand out candy at her house since we get zero trick or treaters at our house. On Saturday we're going to hang out with Robin. He's going to come to our place for the night, so we'll pick him up at the train station and bring him home with us. Then take him back to the train on Sunday, and maybe do some shopping in Oshawa while we're there.


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