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Okay, fast version of the weekend since I haven't felt like posting all day!!
Left work early (around 2:00) to catch the VIA train to Cobourg where Dan picked me up on his way from work. It was great, we haven't been on a road trip in a while. I brought my wedding books along and we had some great brainstorming/conversations and settled a lot of things.
Got into Ottawa around 8:00 and shot the breeze with Jody and Jen for a while. Watched Ali. Still not sure if I liked it or not.
Went to bed around midnight and completely passed out. Traveling will do that to me.

Got up early so we could eat breakfast and be out the door in time to return the VCR Jody had rented.
From there headed to Hull Quebec to visit the Museum of Civilization. That was a lot of fun, we walked around for about 4 hours before we'd had enough. Then we went and parked the car and went for another walk. We walked past the Prime Minister's house, but he didn't want to come out and play, so we went to the Governor General's house. She wasn't interested in coming out to play either, but we did stroll around her yard for a while and look at the gardens.
By then we were exhausted, so we headed for home and ordered in some Chinese. Dan looked at Jen's computer which has been acting up lately (ie. not booting at all) and then we ate. Went out to the park to play frisbee for a while (we had an active day!!).

Got up kind of early again. Had some breakfast and went back to looking at Jen's computer. Went out to a few Future Shop's to get some parts, but nothing helped, so Dan packed up her computer and is going to fix it at his house.
We left around 1:00 to head for real home.
We had just ramped back onto the east-bound Highway (401) from the southbound one (416) when Dan noticed that his ABS light and battery light had come on. I looked in his car manual and it said that in this event, you should shut down anything electrical. We scoffed at it and kept driving.
About 45 minutes (and a warning from my dad) later, the car completely died and left us on the side of the highway. Luckily, I'm part of an Auto-Club through my parents, so I called for a tow and we arrived in Canadian Tire just before closing. We signed his car in and walked to the nearest hotel for the night.
I had a hard time getting to sleep because I was so worried about my Jury Duty. I was supposed to be in Oshawa for 9:00am the next morning.

Got up around 8:30 and called the court house after worrying about it all night. The woman told me that there were no trials this week and that Jury Duty had been postponed to next Monday. Apparently someone had tried to call my house, but with no answer, so I lose. Oh well, I still get to go next week.
Around 11:00 we picked up Dan's car and headed for home.
Took a side tour along the way and he showed me some properties his parents are interested in buying and maybe the one we could buy to build a house on!! :) It's been for sale for years, and might still be next year when we return to seriously look! :)

Blah blah blah, a bunch more crap happens and I finally get home around 8:30pm.

That's my weekend! :)
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Had a rather nice day today. Didn't do a whole lot since all the stores are closed, but I did go and get my car washed and take some pictures of it in case I do move to Toronto, I'll want to sell it and this way I have some pictures already developed.
Had Jody and his girlfriend and Dan and our friend Robin over for a "family" dinner tonight, was really nice. A little too much wine always makes things more fun. :)


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