May. 28th, 2009

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I had a fantastic sleep last night and got up this morning ready to hit the cobblestones. Dan headed out early to the last day of his conference and I got ready here then headed out myself. I went back to the pub-y place again for breakfast because we'd seen signs last night that they had cheap traditional English breakfast. So I got that and it was quite nice. Sausage, rashers of bacon (which is kind of a cross between Canadian bacon and bacon), a fried portobello & half tomato, hash browns, an egg, tea & toast for about £4. It was yummy!! It was funny when I was in there though, about half the people were there having breakfast, the others were having pints!

Then I walked around for a bit, there are canals everywhere with those long boats in them, so I took a bunch of pictures and talked to some people. Everyone seems really friendly here so far. I've heard London people aren't the friendliest, but they sure are here anyway! I talked to a man at the pub last night about whether or not to leave a tip, and he was helpful (no tip since there are no servers - you just order and pay for food at the bar). Also, I took a picture of one of the boats going down the canal and the driver turned around and waved, said I should have told him to smile for the picture! Then I was standing in front of our hotel taking some pictures then trying to decide what to do next and the guy directing traffic came and ask if I was lost and needed directions. I told him I was just looking around and then I got kind of embarrassed and left. I also went and bought some postcards and stamps, and when the guy asked where the post cards were going he assumed America. Everyone seems to so far be assuming I'm American. The cabbie yesterday told me I had a "Broad American Accent". I don't think he believed me when I told him Canada. I think a lot of Americans try to pose as Canadians in Europe...

I came back to the hotel then because I was feeling tired and just kind of bad. Slept for another 2 hours or so and am feeling better now. It probably helps that it's like 9;30am on my body's time now not the 2:30am it was when I woke up at 7:30! :P So I guess I am kind of feeling jet lagged this time! Oh well, hopefully I get over it soon!

Dan just got back to the hotel, he's all done with his conference now and we're going to do up our trip budget and what we want to do this afternoon and the rest of the days (roughly) so we know how much we have to spend on stuff. I think we're also going to go and find a grocery store to get yogurt and stuff for breakfast tomorrow. There's a fridge in the room here we can use. I'm just catching up a bit online again right now. Dan is checking his work email and catching up a bit there before we can head out. He still technically is on business here. :P

We were thinking about going to the National Sea Life Birmingham but it is lined up to the road with kids. This week is a school holiday. Plus, it would be £17 to get in which is doubled to get Canadian. It's crazy, everything here seems to be about the same price as Canada, except that pounds are much higher than dollars!! Tomorrow I think we're going to head to Warwick Castle. We'd have to buy our tickets online today though, since they are getting really sold out (School holiday again) and they're much cheaper online!

I should have some pictures to upload this evening! :)


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