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I went shopping after work today. Just wanted to go to Wal-Mart and pick up a bit of this and that. I was wandering through the mall afterwards just to see what stores were there and I came across a formal wear store advertising a huge sale on wedding gowns and "all sizes". I decided on a whim to go in and look, just because.
They had a really nice one there that would have fit me. I was -><- this close to trying it on for kicks, but I didn't want to do it by myself. I'll have to go back with someone with me. That and it's a $700 dress (that's the sale price) but I wanted to see it anyway, can't hurt to get ideas!! It's about the style I'm thinking of, so it would give me an idea.
I can't wait to go back!! :)
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Hehe...I guess my last post deserves a bit of an explanation.
It's not really as big of a deal as it seems.
We always wanted a Fall wedding. We decided at the time to have the wedding in August because we thought Dan was considering getting his Masters after his undergrad, but now he's thinking more and more that he just wants to start working. See, if he was going to be going back to school, we'd want the whole wedding and honeymoon to be done in time for him to start classes. Now that he's probably going to be working instead, we can have the wedding whenever we want.
There are many advantages to pushing it back until Fall as well. The minister we had chosen was going to be on vacation during the time we would have the wedding...we would be able to have him now no problem. We know the hall would be available in the Fall and the owner would probably be more than happy to move us because it means we'd still be giving him our money and on top of that, he'd have our date freed up again for someone else.
Also, a lot of vendors (like photographers, etc.) give discounts for having your wedding during the "off season". Plus, one of the big factors...the weather. That was the one thing I was dreading the most...having a really hot/humid day and having that ruin it for me. I was just saying at the engagement party that we'd rather have it pouring rain on our wedding day then be really hot.
So yeah, those are our reasons.
What do you think?


Aug. 6th, 2002 09:31 pm
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Yep, I'm having another "blah" night.
I think it's mostly coming down to my being lonely.
I'm anxious for four weeks to be up so Dan can move in with me.
In the meantime, I sit at work and make up lists of things that need to be done at home, only to get here and not want to do any of them.

Tonight, I got two accomplished. I put together all my wedding clippings into a binder and put them in sections. It was done while watching TV, but it still got done. :)
I also made myself a nice dinner. Been meaning to do that for a while now.
Oh, and I guess a couple more as well. I finally took some skirts to be hemmed that I bought a while back and have always been too long. Picked them up tonight, brought them all home and ironed them. Also picked up a necklace I dropped off to have cleaned and had the battery in my watch replaced, it died yesterday on the trip home.
Okay, so maybe tonight wasn't as unproductive as it feels.

I think I'm just lonely...and impatient.
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I'm back, I'm back!
I hate always disappearing for the weekend!
Let's just say that what I estimated for the weekend on Friday pretty much happened and leave it at that. Nothing too exciting. Oh, except that Dan got my computer fixed, so I can now be online from the comfort of my own air conditioned bedroom and don't have to borrow my roomie's computer any longer. My hard drive had crashed, so I now have a new one, but I have to go back and re-set up everything again, so that's a bit of a pain.

Today was Jury was very interesting. I'll spare you the suspense and tell you now that I wasn't selected. The selection process was nothing like I thought though.
Okay, I had to be at the court house for 9:00 this morning. Meant I got to sleep in, so that was exciting!! Waited in line, had my paperwork checked, etc. Then we all sat in the gallery area and were addressed by the Jury Clerk. Told us the general rules: no food or drink, no gum, not hats, no cell phones/pagers, etc. Then he showed us a video on the Jury System in Canada, who sits where/does what, etc. Then the judge entered, and went through all the reasons people might have for not serving on a Jury: undue hardship, medical reasons, etc. and dismissed about 20 people in the process. Then, the clerk put the remaining 80 or so names in a barrel and drew out 20 at random. I wasn't one of them. From there, the people faced the Defendant and two lawyers and the lawyers both had the opportunity to be "content" or to "challenge". They didn't have to give reasoning for either decision, but if either judge "challenged" that prospective juror was automatically dismissed. The whole process took about 2 hours.
When I left the court house, I was told to return next Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday) unless I heard otherwise, so I was kind of excited...still a chance. But by the time I got home tonight, there was already a message on my phone saying there would be no trials next week and I am dismissed from Jury Duty. Oh well. C'est la vie.

Oh yeah, and the wedding shoes I ordered came in on the weekend. They don't fit, so I returned them and the hunt is still on.

Dinner time!
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Okay, fast version of the weekend since I haven't felt like posting all day!!
Left work early (around 2:00) to catch the VIA train to Cobourg where Dan picked me up on his way from work. It was great, we haven't been on a road trip in a while. I brought my wedding books along and we had some great brainstorming/conversations and settled a lot of things.
Got into Ottawa around 8:00 and shot the breeze with Jody and Jen for a while. Watched Ali. Still not sure if I liked it or not.
Went to bed around midnight and completely passed out. Traveling will do that to me.

Got up early so we could eat breakfast and be out the door in time to return the VCR Jody had rented.
From there headed to Hull Quebec to visit the Museum of Civilization. That was a lot of fun, we walked around for about 4 hours before we'd had enough. Then we went and parked the car and went for another walk. We walked past the Prime Minister's house, but he didn't want to come out and play, so we went to the Governor General's house. She wasn't interested in coming out to play either, but we did stroll around her yard for a while and look at the gardens.
By then we were exhausted, so we headed for home and ordered in some Chinese. Dan looked at Jen's computer which has been acting up lately (ie. not booting at all) and then we ate. Went out to the park to play frisbee for a while (we had an active day!!).

Got up kind of early again. Had some breakfast and went back to looking at Jen's computer. Went out to a few Future Shop's to get some parts, but nothing helped, so Dan packed up her computer and is going to fix it at his house.
We left around 1:00 to head for real home.
We had just ramped back onto the east-bound Highway (401) from the southbound one (416) when Dan noticed that his ABS light and battery light had come on. I looked in his car manual and it said that in this event, you should shut down anything electrical. We scoffed at it and kept driving.
About 45 minutes (and a warning from my dad) later, the car completely died and left us on the side of the highway. Luckily, I'm part of an Auto-Club through my parents, so I called for a tow and we arrived in Canadian Tire just before closing. We signed his car in and walked to the nearest hotel for the night.
I had a hard time getting to sleep because I was so worried about my Jury Duty. I was supposed to be in Oshawa for 9:00am the next morning.

Got up around 8:30 and called the court house after worrying about it all night. The woman told me that there were no trials this week and that Jury Duty had been postponed to next Monday. Apparently someone had tried to call my house, but with no answer, so I lose. Oh well, I still get to go next week.
Around 11:00 we picked up Dan's car and headed for home.
Took a side tour along the way and he showed me some properties his parents are interested in buying and maybe the one we could buy to build a house on!! :) It's been for sale for years, and might still be next year when we return to seriously look! :)

Blah blah blah, a bunch more crap happens and I finally get home around 8:30pm.

That's my weekend! :)
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because I'm tired and because there are things I've really been slack in posting about lately.

Today's Events
-Took the train home after work to transfer the ownership on my car;
-Apparently, to do a tax-free transfer of ownership, you need a commissioner present, and that office doesn't have a commissioner.
-Wild goose chase ensued, ownership didn't get transferred.

-Went to my parents' house for dinner (Tacos, my request).
-Remember why I don't spend more time talking one-on-one with my dad. If it doesn't concern Jody, he doesn't bother to remember it.
-Got all nostalgic in the basement with my mom. She's cleaning out the house before the move.

-Got on the Go Train and came home.
-Garbage collectors have been legislated back to work, strike is over and the garbage is already gone from my street. All we need now is for the litter collectors to come and pick up the litter, and a nice heavy rain to wash away the garbage sludge on the sidewalks that is still harbouring a few too many maggots for my liking.
-Heard a message on my phone from [profile] mum2hailey saying that she wanted to take me out for ice cream tonight and damnit, I wasn't home! I'm sure sometime in the next 7 months the opportunity will arise again though! :)

Recent Events I've Neglected to Post About
-Dan's mom has graciously offered to make my wedding dress for me, I have accepted and am now shopping for patterns.
-Family reunion on the weekend went great, Dan's family is hosting one July 28th, so it will be my turn to meet relatives that even Dan hasn't seen in 10 years.
-Joined Weight Watchers this week. Had my first meeting on Monday, so I haven't lost any weight yet! Will keep you posted though, although I'll probably be keeping closer track of my progress in one of the many dieting communities I joined this week. White is not a slimming colour contrary to popular belief.
-Worked too many hours this week...need sleep!!!

*goes to bed*
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Okay, by now you all had to have known it was coming. I disappeared for the weekend again. This time it wasn't entirely my fault though.
My Internet was down Friday through most of Sunday and today I was at my parents' house (I know...excuses excuses...) But I'm back now and I'll fill you in on the weekend! :)

Long weekend post here... )

Last Night

Jun. 15th, 2002 09:21 am
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Last night I got home from work and was making some dinner for Dan. He was on his way from work and running a bit late because of traffic (I heard on the radio).
He had just walked in the door and I was putting the lasagna in the oven when the phone rang. It was some old friends of ours from high school that I had talked to earlier in the week. They wanted us to come over and hang out at their place for a while and then go out to the movies with them later on. Great! :)
So we went over and hung out and chatted and caught up for a while before heading out to see the Bourne Identity. I had no idea what the movie was even about going into it, so I was really impressed. There are still a few things about the ending that I didn't understand, but I'm sure Dan will straighten me out today.

This morning we're heading back to Ajax to run a bunch of errands. I have a chiropractor's appointment this morning, Dan need a hair cut and to get the oil changed on his car. Then we're going to go to Canadian Tire to get some map books for my dad for Father's Day. We also have an appointment to go and see our potential caterer, that should be exciting! We have a few other misc.. things we need to do as well, but I can't remember them right now. I'll update again this evening when I've remembered. :P
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Ugh, time for bed again already. Where do the evenings go???
Went to the grocery store on the way home tonight to pick up mostly toiletries. Was running low on everything, I understand what it's like [profile] dreaxo.
Flipped around my wedding books for a while for some new ideas, but just wasn't in the mood for it tonight. I should at least make a list of questions to ask the reception hall people tomorrow though. I want to at least appear informed when we go in. Going to take [profile] dreaxo's advice though and take my camera with me. I hope it works out with this place, everything else seems perfect and I've even talked to people already who've had their wedding receptions there and liked it.
Don't know what else I did this evening. Talked to my brother on the phone for a while, my mom for a few minutes. Had some leftovers for dinner and did the dishes and that's like all.
I guess I worked half an hour late too and that kind of eats up time. Oh well.
I'm going to go and spend some quality time with my bed, my air conditioner and a good book.
Night all!


Jun. 9th, 2002 07:48 pm
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Had a nice day today.
Slept in until 9:30 after the concert last night. It was at 9:30 that it was too hot to sleep any longer and we decided to get an air conditioner. So we got up and showered and did some research on the Internet to determine that Future Shop had the best deal, so we headed out to pick one up. Installation was a piece of cake and it works like a charm. Too bad it's not really hot enough anymore to justify running it. I am anyway. Hehe...I hope it's hot overnight tonight. :)
After we got it all installed Mike came home and he and Dan went to buy a frisbee and we went over to the park. They threw it around for a bit while I pawed through some wedding books. [profile] mum2hailey gave me a great one on Saturday and it's full of so many good ideas!! Starting to get somewhere with planning and thoughts and I'll be a lot more relaxed about the whole thing once we get oursleves booked into a reception hall!! We're going to tour one some night this week, and a few more on Saturday.
Hope we hit some luck!!

Quick Post

Jun. 3rd, 2002 09:44 pm
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I'm exhausted from lack of sleep and coming down from a huge excitement high!
I can't remember the last time I went to bed at 9:30!!
I talked to my mom some more tonight, she's just full of good ideas, I'm so glad she's retiring and will have the time to help me plan things.
Called a bunch of reception places today and they were either booked solid, way out of our price range or both. So I consulted the handy dandy yellow pages and am setting up for round two tomorrow!
Time for sleep!!!

My Pet Rock

Jun. 2nd, 2002 10:37 pm
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(Dan thought up that title)
So much to say.
Guess I'll start Friday where I last left off.
I left work at 2:00 to go and catch the VIA train. I was still pretty calm at this point though. It's a good thing I left work early though, it was a long wait to pick up my ticket then it was first come first serve for window seats on the train, so it was good. I got one. The train ride was nice. I had planned to read, but found I couldn't concentrate, so I just listened to music and looked out the window instead.
Dan picked me up right on time at the train station and we drove to get some dinner at Denny's. While at dinner he asked me if I wanted to wait until our surprise to get engaged or if I wanted to do it before hand. He thought maybe he wouldn't be able to do it during our surprise. I didn't really understand what he was talking about, so he decided to tell me what the surprise was so I could decide for myself. My surprise was a Thousand Island's Dinner Cruise. The reason he might not be able to ask me on the boat was that we couldn't be guaranteed a table to ourselves and they might have to put people beside us and that would be a little too "in your face" and impersonal. We're more private than that. So I said I'd be willing to take the chance we'd get our own table and if not he could do it afterwards, and he liked that plan.
We checked in to the hotel and vegged for a while before heading out to get a few things we had forgotten. Isn't that always the way? Then we went back and vegged some more and went to bed early. It had been a long stressful week for both of us.
We got up early Saturday morning and ordered some breakfast in bed. Then we showered and left because we wanted to get out of the room before the maid came. We didn't want to be in the room when she arrived, but we wanted our bed re-made and some new soap and shampoo! :)
So we went and decided to take a drive around town and see some of the sights. We wound up doing a little more shopping at Wal-Mart and Zellers. We both got new sandals for this summer as well as some other little things here and there.
Then we picked up some lunch stuff at the grocery store and went back to our hotel for a little picnic on our balcony for lunch. Then we watched some TV and had a nap until it was time to get ready to go. I had a shower and put on my dress and we left for Kingston.
We got there a little early which was good. We went inside and picked up our tickets and a postcard of the boat. Then we got in line for boarding because we weren't sure it the seating on the boat was first come first serve or not. It wasn't. They had a table reserved for us and we were all alone. Perfect.
So the cruise started and it was a little rough. It was really windy on Saturday and the waters were kind of choppy until we got out of the bay and into the more sheltered area with the islands.
We ordered some drinks and listened to the tour guide, but all the wait staff were staring at me constantly! Then they came around and took our dinner orders and we saw some more sights. They brought out our dinner and I could see that Dan was starting to get really nervous, so I reassured him that when he decided to ask, I would say yes.
So we finished dinner and had ordered our dessert when he started to look nervous again. I tried to give him a nice calming look and he brought out the ring. I can't remember exactly what he said because as soon as he reached for his pocket and said "well" I started to cry. What I remember is this:
"Well, I know I'm not perfect, but I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" And he opened the ring box and put it on my finger and I said yes. I was in full blown crying mode at this point and he was a little misty as well. We decided to go out on the deck of the boat so we could be alone and talk a little. It was so cold out there though that we only lasted long enough to get a couple of pictures before we came back in. We went and sat back down and I decided to go to the bathroom.
On my way out of the bathroom, the bartender and a few of the wait staff stopped me to congratulate me. I got back to the table and Dan said that a few came over to him while I was gone and congratulated him too, wanted to know how it went and if I had said yes and stuff.
They brought out dessert and the announcer started announcing everyone on the boat who was celebrating an anniversary. Dan told me that while I was gone they had asked him if he wanted us announced and he said he'd have to ask me. So I signaled our waitress and asked if we could be announced as well. The whole boat gave their collective "ooh's and aah's" and clapped for us.
Then we were starting to near the harbour and the guitar player on board started playing Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love" so we got up to dance with some of the anniversary couples. The bay was still rough though, so it was pitching and heaving pretty badly up at the front of the boat, so we and the other couples lasted about half the song before we had to sit back down again. It was still really nice that we got to dance though.
We pulled into port and got off the boat and bought a copy of the picture they had taken before we got on the boat. Then we went back to the car and I gave him the card and gift card I bought for him. We stayed outside a little longer looking out over the lake and at the stars until another boat started to dock and soaked us, so we decided to go back to the hotel at this point.
We stayed up late talking Saturday night then crashed and fell asleep after all the excitement for the day was over.
We got up early again on Sunday and headed out because we had another long day ahead of us still telling all of our family. We went to Denny's again for breakfast while our pictures 1-hour developed at Wal-Mart. Then we got on the highway and headed back towards home. We stopped first at Dan's parents' house and only Dan's mom was home. So she knew it was coming and just wanted to see my hand. She hugged me for the first time ever and she was so happy. It was really nice.
Then we headed out to Dan's grandparents' house and told them. They had to keep reminding themselves that we aren't 16 anymore and that we really are old enough for this!!
Then we went to see my parents. I was so nervous and shaking. When we got there they were out on the back porch around the pool. We walked out and they were asking us how our weekend was and noticing that we'd bought new sandals and I was about to throw up with anticipation, so all I could manage to do was thrust my hand out in front of my mom. She was speechless and just started to cry and laugh and hug me. The neighbour was also outside and was looking at us like we were nuts, so she called over to him and he congratulated us and it was nice. They're so happy for us!
They took us out to dinner to celebrate and my brother, Jody, called me on my cell phone while we were waiting for dinner because I'd tried to call him before we left for dinner. I told him and he was in like total shock. Really excited. I talked to him on the phone for another hour after I got home.
I think I've called everyone now that I'm going to call directly. Word will spread from there. There are a few people I left messages with and who are going to call me back, but I'm done with the phone for now I think.
Starting to calm down. Hope I can get some sleep tonight! Still people returning my calls here and there.
Here are all the pictures now! :) )
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Had a good day today. I love Sundays. :)
Dan and I lounged in bed until about 9:30am. Just cuddling and talking, it was really nice. Then we decided to get our act together and go tour a possible reception hall for the wedding. I was starting to get really nervous about things booking up and with good reason. We got there and looked at two halls. The hall that we liked better is already booked for both possible dates that we gave the guy. The other room we looked at is okay, but not as nice as the first one. Might have some potential with decorations and things though, so I think we're going to look at one or two more places this week and put a deposit down by next weekend. This was our first choice before we even started looking because of location and convenience, and they provide their own catering, and guests can stay there, etc., etc., etc. It's a Holiday Inn.
Then we went to Golden Griddle for breakfast, haven't been there in ages. It was really nice. Then we went to Future Shop because Dan had seen a nice RCA shelf stereo yesterday for $62 (regular $159) because it was open box and didn't come with a manual or the remote. It was a 5-disc CD changer, with a double tape deck and detachable speakers. We were just going to go in there and buy it today, but it was already gone. Oh well. Early bird gets the worm.
Then we went to Zellers and got Dan some new clothes for the trip to NY he's taking next week. It's a GE Symposium and he has to get up and present three papers. We didn't get him anything too fancy, just a few golf shirts and button up like plaid dress shirts, just something new to give him a little confidence. He got a couple of new pairs of pants too. He needed those ones. His ones from last summer are 100% cotton and he dosen't know how to iron very well. 'nuff said.
Then I went to his house for a while and we dug all his apartment/kitchen stuff out of his attic and went through it. Between his stuff and my stuff we're pretty well set for the kitchen. The only things we seem to be majorly lacking are some cooking utensils like spatulas, wooden spoons, etc. and a cutting board. Both relatively inexpensive items. We'll pick them up in the next couple of weeks.
Dan made an AutoCAD drawing of our apartment with scale drawings of all the furniture and stuff and I've been playing around with that this evening to find a nice arrangement. Still not satisfied and I probably won't be even after I arrange it in the room. I love moving furniture around!
Anyway, I'm waiting for him to call back and it's getting late, so I should get my stuff ready for tomorrow so I can just go to bed when we're done talking. :)


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