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The song "Silver" by Moist always makes me think of high school and being at parties and being set up with my first boyfriend.
Which is strange, because I wasn't really a Moist fan until I was out of high school.
Oh well.
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So I'm sitting at home alone the other night, with my parents being out of town an all.
The phone rings, and I'm expecting it to be either:
a) Dan
b) Telemarketer
c) A fax machine (we get a lot of calls from fax machines at our house)

Because, basically, that's anyone who ever calls the house. Well...aside from Jody, but he never wants to talk to me, just my parents and since they're staying with him right now, it kind of rules that one out.

Anyway, it was none of the above.
It was my best friend from high school that I haven't talked to in almost a year! I think we had some kind of falling out...not really sure. But it didn't matter anyway, we didn't talk about that at all. It was amazing, we picked up and talked about things like we always had, like we had just talked on the phone the night before.
She lives about an hour and a half away right now, but she's coming home for the summer, which is about 20 min. from here. Might be kind of nice to hang out with her a bit if that's what she's interested in.

Nice to know that people are willing to let the crap that stands between them go once in a while and "reach out and touch someone". It left me with a really nice feeling and hopefully her too.


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