Jun. 16th, 2002 08:03 pm
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I actually had a really productive day today! Most of my weekends are productive. What's up with that?
I'll finish up yesterday first though.
Went to the Chiropractor, got Dan a hair cut and the oil changed on his car. He also go an engine shampoo too, I was thoroughly disappointed by the process though. I had pictured lots of foam and pretty smelling soap. Turns out they spray your engine with a heavy duty de-greaser then scrub it with dish brushes then hose it off and spray on some kind of sealant. His car still stinks to high hell whenever we turn the vent on. What a let-down! :)
We also did a bit of shopping. I went to Chapter's and bought my dad some new local map books and a card. He loved them! They're always going for motorcycle rides to remote areas and maps come in really handy. I got them one of the area we live in now, as well as the area they're planning to move to. Handy stuff.
Then we came back into Toronto and started getting BBQ stuff ready. We had Robin over for dinner. It was really nice to see him again! We had a great evening.
Went to bed late and got up late this morning. It rocked! :)
We got up and just vegged in front of the Dreamcast for a while before showering and heading out to do our laundry. The weather was nuts today! We went into the laundry mat and it was sunny and by the time we put our laundry in and went to go next door to get some groceries it was pouring rain! So we got our groceries and put them in the car and it was sunny. Went into flip the laundry from the washer to the dryer before walking to the dollar store and it was pouring again. We stayed in the dollar store until it stopped raining and then I went back to check on the laundry. Craziness!!
So we took the laundry and the groceries home and I called my mom to see if she wanted to go shopping. I was in desperate need of a new pair of sandals since it's getting too hot to wear pantyhose to work every day! I got these sandals:

These Sandals
I totally love them!! I've been trying to find a pair like them for years. I probably spent too much money ($125) but I don't care. They're really high quality so I'll be wearing them for years. Yay sandals!
Then I took the Go Train home and am chilling (literally...did you know it's supposed to go down to 10C tonight??). Going to call Dan soon and see how his afternoon was.
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I decided to leave work a couple minutes early today to try and get a seat on the train for the ride home. I did get a seat, however, the train that was supposed to leave 20 minutes before us left 3 minutes before us and it's an all-stops train (mine is normally express) so we got stuck behind that one all the way, took me almost twice as long as it normally does. So we finally get to my station, I hadn't minded the long ride especially since I was in no particular hurry and had a good book to read.
I get off the train and walk to my car. I was parked in the last spot in the row and someone had "invented" a spot beside me leaving me literally about 6" to get my door open and get in my car. Wasn't going to happen. So I stood there and waited for about 5 min figuring that maybe the owner was on the same train as I was. I gave up and got in the passenger side and climbed over (yes, I drive standard so this was quite the feat!). After much struggling I'm now sweating, so I unroll my window and proceed to back out of my spot. I'm just about to switch it to Drive and pull away when I notice this big tart wearing the J-Lo 70's glasses giving me a dirty look. Here's our conversation (no word of a lie):
Her: You stupid jerk, you nearly hit my car backing out!
I think about saying nothing, but this girl is the last straw...
Me: You shouldn't have parked so close to me, you left me no room to get in my car!
Her: Yeah, well you should be more careful next time!
Me: You should park in a real spot next time instead of on the end of the row...
(lame, I know, I wish I'd had a better comeback)
Her: Fuck You!

I rolled up my window and drove off. What a way to put someone in a bad mood!!
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This morning I became one of the jerks who creates a parking spot on the wrong side of the "No Parking" sign. I was in a hurry, I'd already missed one train and was on the verge of missing another...that wasn't the main reason though...the main reason is even worse.
I'm staying late for the party tonight and the thought of walking 3/4 of the way across an empty parking lot to get to my car just depressed me.
I'm such a bad person.

If I wind up with a ticket though I'm going to be some kind of pissed. I see people doing this every day and only once have I seen one car with a ticket. Murphy better not be paying attention today. I don't like his laws.
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So I'm getting on the Go Train this morning, like I do every morning for my daily commute. I'm the first one on my car, so I'm thinking I'm having a pretty good day. Then I spot it...a primo seat, one against the window AND facing the right way! I slip in and plop down in the seat and am immediately greeted by a big sigh from the woman beside me and dirty looks from the woman across from me. What's the big deal? If I hadn't sat there, someone else would have!
I shrug it off and turn on my walkman to relax and enjoy my window view. The woman across from me is continuing to shoot me ice stares which she thinks I can't see, but I'm watching her from the reflection in the window. She gives up when she realizes I'm not going to look at her and tries to go to sleep.
Okay, we're both short women, I'm 5'4", and there's no way she was taller than I was...I had NO leg room. She slouched down and put her legs totally into my space to the point where her knees were touching mine and proceeded to fall asleep like that. So I'm sitting there with my feet tucked under my seat (very uncomfortably) and my knees as far back as the seat will allow. She suddenly jerks awake and "accidentally" kicks her pointy toe shoe into my shin. She totally makes eye contact with me and DOESN'T appologize...I mean...come ON! Stupid bitch.
As we're pulling into Union Station she looks sweetly at me and tells me to have a nice day. What's up with that? I totally feel like I'm doomed to have the worst day ever now and it's all going to be her fault!


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