Sep. 1st, 2009

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1. FIRST NAME: Tracey
2. AGE: 29
3. LOCATION: Bailieboro, Ontario, Canada
4. OCCUPATION: Office Administrator. I work in the service department at a company that makes big steel drilling machines. We install these machines all over the world, and they call in here when they have issues. I give the call to the appropriate tech to troubleshoot and failing that I make travel arrangements to send a tech to site. I also am the receptionist here, and do all kinds of filing/reports and other basic office type stuff.
5. PARTNER: Dan. We've been together almost 13 years and married very nearly 6. He's an Engineer at GE Canada. He's currently working on a prototype for a wind turbine.
6 KIDS: Not yet...working on that though. Hopefully 2-3 though and close together in age as well. I'd settle just for one to start though, I never though that would be this difficult!!
7. SIBLINGS: I have one brother named Jody. He's 18 months younger than me and lives in Ottawa, which is about a 3 hour drive from here. Is about to become a dad any day now. I also had a half brother Scott who I met for the first time when I was about 20. He was my dad's from a previous marriage that I also had no idea existed. I knew Scott for about 2 years before he died from brain cancer.
8. PETS: 2 cats. Nano & Pico. They are almost 6 years old and are sisters from the same litter. They are farm cats from Dan's parents house.
9. WHERE AND FOR WHAT DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL?: This gets kind of complicated. I went to Nipissing University in North Bay for 2 years in the teaching program. Decided that wasn't for me, and moved closer to home and attended Durham College for Office Administration. Much better fit although I am technically still one credit short of actually having that diploma. I've also done some night school courses in various Microsoft Office programs. I hope to some day actually have a piece of paper that says I've graduated from something other than high school. I will likely finish something off while I'm home raising kids.
10. PARENTS: My Mom and Dad are Jane & Gary. They've been married for 33 years I believe. They retired and moved back to my mom's hometown of North Bay just over 6 years ago. They are planning to move closer to me (North Bay is about 4 hours away) once my grandparents both pass on and no longer need my parents in North Bay. Probably a few years down the road still.
11. HOBBIES: I enjoy knitting (although am currently on a break from it because it was causing problems in my wrist), cross stitching, cooking, reading, being online and watching movies.


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