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Okay, a bunch of you asked so I looked a bit harder online and came up with the poem that I read at the wedding ceremony on the weekend:

The Day
- Author Unknown
May this be the start of a happy new life
That’s full of special moments to share
May this be the first of your dreams come true
And of hope that will always be there…
May this be the start of a lifetime of trust
And of caring that’s just now begun…
May today be a day that you’ll always remember
The day when your hearts become one…
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Okay, so we went out shopping last night to try and find Dan a new sports coat for the wedding we're going to this weekend. We wouldn't have had to go, but stupid sears screwed up.
There was some computer glitch in the system. The jacket was supposed to come in on Wednesday. The computer screwed up so that it showed that there wasn't supposed to be anything at all delivered, so nothing was. Their next shipment doesn't come until 2:00 on Saturday, conveniently, the same time as the wedding!
So here it was, 2 days before the wedding and Dan with nothing to wear. We go shopping, both in a bad mood convinced that we're not going to find anything and so not really wanting to look either. This is about the time we hit pay dirt at Tip Top Taylor's. We walked by and the store was just plastered with signs saying "End of Season Blowout Sale" excellent!
We looked at a few things, but wound up with a full suit, not just a jacket. And it was originally $300 on for *drumroll please* $50!
There's supposedly some fabric flaw on the front of the jacket...we have yet to find it!
It's an excellent suit. Pictures to follow. :)

Now I just need to find a shirt for me to go with my skirt...think I'll have the same kind of luck?


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