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Jul. 25th, 2002 09:30 pm
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The trip to the dentist went so great!
Went ahead and had the cavity filled, "sans freezing" and it was so great. I mean, yeah, it hurt for a minute when he was drilling, but only maybe 10 seconds of real pain. A drop in the bucket compared to the pain of the needle and the freezing wearing off!!!! Right after I had it filled, I had the rest of my teeth poked at and cleaned and I was so glad my mouth wasn't frozen. The dentist told me that the biggest reason they freeze when filling cavities is that most people can't handle the 10 seconds of pain and jerk away from the drill and that can cause bad things to happen. It's cool though, he warned me beforehand not to move and to just tell him and anytime I wanted he would stop and freeze it for me. The pain was never overwhelming.
I'm so proud of myself, can you tell??
After, my mom and I hit up the "Dollarama" and bought some purple and green party supplies for the engagement party (invitations go out Monday...) and some stuff we needed for the lunch we're going to on Sunday (the one I'm making the Mediterranean/Indian food for). Should be a great (if busy) weekend. I was looking at my calendar at work today and I realized that I have not one free weekend left until the Labour Day weekend. Nuts!!

Oh yeah, and I had a cool experience on the Subway on the way home tonight. There were a bunch of people (I think from Italy) here for World Youth Day. There must have been 20 of them on the same Subway car with me. We stopped between stations and sat there for a while. I could hear in the background someone trying to say something over the intercom, but the people were talking too loudly. All the other people from Toronto were getting upset that they couldn't hear what was being said. So after about 5 minutes, and the message was starting up for the 4th time, I took some leadership. I stood up and shushed them. Held up my hand for them to be quiet. I listened to the announcement and then acted out in charades that there had been a medical emergency up ahead on the track and that there would be a delay. They all seemed to understand. So a few more minutes pass and an announcement starts again. They all clued in this time and shushed each other and turned to me while I listened again. It was so funny. This time the announcement was that the scene had been cleared and normal service would resume momentarily. I gave the thumbs up and got a cheer from everyone. It may sound dumb and trivial, but it was really a cool experience for me! :) I'm so totally not the type to get up in front of a crowd like that, but no one else was taking charge, so I took it upon myself go for it. I'm so proud of myself for the second time in one day.
It must have been a good day! :)
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I'm a complete space cadet this morning, I don't know what my problem is.
I left the house a few mintues later this morning, so I rushed a bit. Caught my street car and transfered to the subway. I get off the southbound subway to transfer lines and I got on the stupid westbound train(I work east)...and didn't even notice for three whole stops. What a ditz!! So I got back off and switched directions.
Then, when I was finally at my proper stop I got off and started walking to work and remembered that I had a dream about Scott last night and started to cry. It's been almost four months now...will be exactly four months this coming Friday. Sometimes the pain just hits all over again, like it's just fresh. Other times I can think about him and just have happy memories and smile.
Time, I know. It's just still hard.


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