Aug. 11th, 2006 11:08 am
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I'm so excited for this weekend to get started, you have no idea! (Okay, maybe Jen has some idea...)

My mom will be picking me up from work in a little under 45 minutes. Yay summer hours!! Then we can start our afternoon shopping extravaganza, the highlight of which will be looking for a dress for her to wear to Jody & Jen's wedding. I think I'm looking forward to that part more than she is. Hehe. I'm not sure how long it will take us, but it doesn't really matter. We don't have anything else planned for this afternoon/this evening, that's the main goal!

If we don't find anything we like, we still have tomorrow morning to look as well. Jen's first shower doesn't start until 3:30 in Oakville so we can shop up until then in Toronto if need be. I'm looking forward to Jen's shower tomorrow as well, it's family friends of hers that I've heard a lot about, so it will be nice to get the opportunity to meet them as well as have a party in Jen's honour!

Sunday morning my mom and I have a few things to do at home, and then we'll be heading to Bowmanville mid-morning to pick up a few things there and start setting up the room for Jen's shower thrown by me! :D We will start decorating at 12:00 and Jen will arrive at 12:45. Guests are to arrive at 1:00 and the shower will be getting underway from there! Hooray!!!

I promise lots of pictures this weekend, and I'll be unfiltering Jen's shower post after the shower on Sunday so she can get in and read it. Then I can move on and start planning her bachelorette party, my speech and other wedding related goodness in similarily filtered posts. Yay Future Sister-In-Law!! :D
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First I would like to thank [ profile] heybartender for recommending her friends list check out BzzAgent. I went and checked it out thinking that there was no way I could sign up since I live in Canada, but lucky me - they were just expanding into Canada and looking for Canadians to join!
I signed up, filled out my surveys and a campaign was available to me almost immediately and it was for a book. It arrived shortly after that and I finished reading it in record time. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a great summer read. It's chick-lit with a bit heavier subject matter, and it's an aweosme book!!

I will be going and seeing what other books of hers I can get my hands on, because I really like her writing style!!

In other news I'm feeling great today. I slept like the dead last night and since Dan is out of town (he's at a conference in Toronto this week) I was able to sleep in until like 7:10 this morning, which is nearly an hour longer than usual!! I'm wearing my favourite capris and a cute new shirt and my hair behaved with hardly any effort this morning.
I'm meeting Julie after work tonight to go shopping for some clothes with some gift cards/certificates I have. I'm looking forward to hanging out with her tonight and getting some shopping done at the same time!
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It's supposed to be my first softball game of the season tonight. Do you think that's going to happen? )

Dan had his first Ultimate Frisbee game of the season last night and they kicked some serious ass (which is funny in itself because the team they played against was called "Beat Your Ass"). The mosquitos were killer last night! Of course I was wearing capris, so they were biting my ankles. I wound up grabbing the bottom part of Dan's zip off pants and putting them over my ankles up to the bottom of my capris. That stopped 'em!

I didn't see the first half of the game because I went to Zellers and to get groceries. I scored at Zellers, they had a skirt and shirt I've had my eye on but have been too expensive and this week that entire brand of clothes is on 25% off, so I got the cute skirt for $20 and the cute lace trimmed white tank for $12. I also got a pair of summery running shoes for $5. Score! I got almost everything I need from the grocery store...figures I always forget something!

We got home and I packed my lunch for today and painted my toenails. I got a new colour of nail polish on the weekend and I'm in love with it. It's kind of a really deep almost burgandy pink with a bit of sparkle. Today I'm wearing open toed shoes, the first time this year. I love it!!!

Not much going on at work today. The phones have been dead yesterday and today and I'm pretty much out of things to do. Ho hum.
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Ugh, time for bed again already. Where do the evenings go???
Went to the grocery store on the way home tonight to pick up mostly toiletries. Was running low on everything, I understand what it's like [profile] dreaxo.
Flipped around my wedding books for a while for some new ideas, but just wasn't in the mood for it tonight. I should at least make a list of questions to ask the reception hall people tomorrow though. I want to at least appear informed when we go in. Going to take [profile] dreaxo's advice though and take my camera with me. I hope it works out with this place, everything else seems perfect and I've even talked to people already who've had their wedding receptions there and liked it.
Don't know what else I did this evening. Talked to my brother on the phone for a while, my mom for a few minutes. Had some leftovers for dinner and did the dishes and that's like all.
I guess I worked half an hour late too and that kind of eats up time. Oh well.
I'm going to go and spend some quality time with my bed, my air conditioner and a good book.
Night all!
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Man...I'm really bad for not updating on weekends...just so much going on that I don't even have time to sit down at my computer!
On Friday night I met Dan at the mall and we did some shopping, picked up our rings (!!!) and had dinner. We came home and there was a message that a friend had called. So we called him back and within 10 minutes had packed for the night and were headed out to spend the night there. We stayed up too late, played video games, watched movies and slept in the next morning. Isn't that what weekends are all about?
The following morning we all went out for breakfast, then Dan and I took a cruise by the outside of the apartment just to refresh our memories. I can't wait for next weekend to get all moved in!!
Then we came home and packed up a few boxes, then got changed and headed out for the evening with some other friends, Mike (the new roommate) and his girlfriend Kim. We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, great food! Then we went and drove by the apartment again (in a different car this time so they didn't think we were stalking them or anything) Kim hadn't seen it yet and we wanted to show it to her. Then we headed out to play some Glow in the Dark mini-golf and for once I didn't lose, I came in second last. :P
We got up semi-early this morning and ran some errands. Picked up some painting supplies for the apartment and some other misc. stuff. Had to take the rings back because they hadn't sized them large enough. Not my fault, it was theirs. She put them on the sizing stick thing and the guy had sized them a quarter size too small still, so I get them back in another week. Dan got a hair-cut, etc. Then we came back here and went on a massive packing streak. It's starting to look pretty empty around here which is a good thing. We carried some of the smaller peices of furniture out and a lot of boxes. I have just enough clothes left in my closet to last me a week. It's so funny.
Now we're just taking a break because we carried all that stuff upstairs and out into the garage. Then I think I might pack some more.
I hate packing.
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Had a good day today. I love Sundays. :)
Dan and I lounged in bed until about 9:30am. Just cuddling and talking, it was really nice. Then we decided to get our act together and go tour a possible reception hall for the wedding. I was starting to get really nervous about things booking up and with good reason. We got there and looked at two halls. The hall that we liked better is already booked for both possible dates that we gave the guy. The other room we looked at is okay, but not as nice as the first one. Might have some potential with decorations and things though, so I think we're going to look at one or two more places this week and put a deposit down by next weekend. This was our first choice before we even started looking because of location and convenience, and they provide their own catering, and guests can stay there, etc., etc., etc. It's a Holiday Inn.
Then we went to Golden Griddle for breakfast, haven't been there in ages. It was really nice. Then we went to Future Shop because Dan had seen a nice RCA shelf stereo yesterday for $62 (regular $159) because it was open box and didn't come with a manual or the remote. It was a 5-disc CD changer, with a double tape deck and detachable speakers. We were just going to go in there and buy it today, but it was already gone. Oh well. Early bird gets the worm.
Then we went to Zellers and got Dan some new clothes for the trip to NY he's taking next week. It's a GE Symposium and he has to get up and present three papers. We didn't get him anything too fancy, just a few golf shirts and button up like plaid dress shirts, just something new to give him a little confidence. He got a couple of new pairs of pants too. He needed those ones. His ones from last summer are 100% cotton and he dosen't know how to iron very well. 'nuff said.
Then I went to his house for a while and we dug all his apartment/kitchen stuff out of his attic and went through it. Between his stuff and my stuff we're pretty well set for the kitchen. The only things we seem to be majorly lacking are some cooking utensils like spatulas, wooden spoons, etc. and a cutting board. Both relatively inexpensive items. We'll pick them up in the next couple of weeks.
Dan made an AutoCAD drawing of our apartment with scale drawings of all the furniture and stuff and I've been playing around with that this evening to find a nice arrangement. Still not satisfied and I probably won't be even after I arrange it in the room. I love moving furniture around!
Anyway, I'm waiting for him to call back and it's getting late, so I should get my stuff ready for tomorrow so I can just go to bed when we're done talking. :)
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Aggg...I hate it when you find a nail polish that you think is an absolutely perfect colour. You spend more than you would have liked to on it, get it home start putting it on and it goes on freaking clear! What did they do...colour the bottle to get it to look like that? Cuz it sure ain't that colour on my damn nails! *grumbles*
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I bought new shoes and I love them. Caron I know what you mean about new shoes getting you out of a funk!
These are like the mary jane shoes you used to get when you were little, only in my size! They're so comfortable and they were like 10 bucks! I'm so impressed.
Rock On Walmart!
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Okay, so we went out shopping last night to try and find Dan a new sports coat for the wedding we're going to this weekend. We wouldn't have had to go, but stupid sears screwed up.
There was some computer glitch in the system. The jacket was supposed to come in on Wednesday. The computer screwed up so that it showed that there wasn't supposed to be anything at all delivered, so nothing was. Their next shipment doesn't come until 2:00 on Saturday, conveniently, the same time as the wedding!
So here it was, 2 days before the wedding and Dan with nothing to wear. We go shopping, both in a bad mood convinced that we're not going to find anything and so not really wanting to look either. This is about the time we hit pay dirt at Tip Top Taylor's. We walked by and the store was just plastered with signs saying "End of Season Blowout Sale" excellent!
We looked at a few things, but wound up with a full suit, not just a jacket. And it was originally $300 on for *drumroll please* $50!
There's supposedly some fabric flaw on the front of the jacket...we have yet to find it!
It's an excellent suit. Pictures to follow. :)

Now I just need to find a shirt for me to go with my skirt...think I'll have the same kind of luck?


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