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So, it's Friday and that means my Relay is tonight!!!
People are starting to hand in their pledge envelopes to me which is good. I asked everyone to have them handed in to me by noon today, hopefully I don't have to chase too many of them down to get them all collected!! I have half of them already. I managed to break the $300 mark last night by asking my softball team for pledges, I'm officially at $316!!! :D :D

The weather is not looking so promising for tonight, however. :/

Those are from two separate weather websites...

I guess I'll be bringing an umbrella, a rain coat and lots of dry socks with me tonight!! A guy on my team is bringing one of those screen tents, and yesterday he offered a propane heater that I laughed at, but will now be taking him up on! At the very least it will help to dry things out and it does look like it might get pretty chilly tonight, especially if everything is damp!!!

I'm leaving here at around noon today to go home and get everything all organized and packed, and then heading back in. I need to be at the site to register my team around 4:00, and then I can start setting everything up from there. The rest of my team mates will be arriving at some point between 4 and 7pm when the race starts.

Stupid weather...I hope the forecast is wrong...
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I'm always paranoid I'm going to forget something in cases like this.
You're going to spend all night outside and it's forecasted to be 23C (73F) with a 30-60% chance of rain. You will be walking on a track on and off all night and hanging out/playing games with co-workers. What do you bring with you?
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Okay, a couple of you have commented/emailed me and asked me for more info and how to pledge me for my Relay.
Here's a link to my personal fundraising page for Relay for Life. If you want to pledge me that's awesome! It's just a flat rate pledge in any dollar amount, no minimum. It's not a pledge/lap kind of deal just pay what you want up front. If you want to pledge me through the website you can do that by credit card. If you'd rather use PayPal you can do that and send payment to (maybe just drop me an email to the same address and let me know you're doing that). Or, if you'd rather you can send me a cheque in the mail. See, lots of options!

If you want more information on the Relay for Life in general, visit their website here.
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I've now registered my team for the Relay for Life!! I have 8 people of the 10 that I need, but I figured out today that I can register my team without needing all 10 members right up front. So now I just need to find 2 more people in the next month (I'm not worried) and collect my pledges. It's $10 for me to register, and then I need $100 minimum in pledges to be able to walk, though my personal goal is to raise $200.
There's no obligation here, but if you want to support me that would be beyond awesome! Here's the link to my personal page and you can pledge me from there. Any amount is greatly appreciated, there's no minimum donation. My Relay For Life Page.
I'm planning to pledge at least one other person on my team, I'll pick someone who is having a hard time meeting the $100 I think. My mom and grandpa are already pledging me as well. I'm so excited to be doing this!!! :D


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