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He's only been back in town one day and already he's pissing me off!! Why did I want him back again?!?
List of things that piss me off about my roommate:
1. He only ever does a "half" job of cleaning the kitchen after making a meal. Like he gets tired of cleaning halfway through or something. He'll do his dishes (see next point) but then when he drains the water, he leaves the plugs to "strain" in the drain and so the food that was in the water dries onto the sink because it doesn't wash down properly. Then, he doesn't ever wipe the counters or the table, and sometimes he forgets dishes and those get left for me to do.
2. He'll do the dishes, but if there are some of my clean ones still in the drying tray he'll just pile them on the counter instead of putting them away.
3. He always conveniently disappears to his girlfriends place the night before garbage day...leaving me to take out all the apartment garbage/recycling.
4. He never pulls the shower curtain closed after a shower (I've asked him to do this) and thus, mildew grows on the inside of our shower curtain because it never dries properly. I'm the only one who seems to care about this disgusting growth, so thus it's my job to clean it off.
5. Hello!! Smelly sandals on the kitchen table?!? I think not!! (They were there when I got home yesterday. I picked them off the table and dropped them to the floor in a loud dramatic bang. (They're supposed to stay outside of the apartment on the shoe rack like our landlord asked us to do!!)
6. When someone goes into their bedroom around 10 at night and shuts of the light (especially when they have to work the next day and you're on vacation), it means they're trying to sleep, so shut the hell up!! (makes me wonder why I sneak around like a mouse in the mornings...)
7. He always seems to "just miss" the garbage. Like he'll take the wrapper off of something and leave it on the kitchen counter when the garbage is like less than a foot away...or same in the bathroom. He'll leave something on the window sill when the garbage is right below it!!
8. Just because I offered one really hot day for him to use my room with the air conditioning, does not mean it's an open invitation!!
9. Just because it's made of plastic does not mean it can be recycled!!
10. Whew...I think I'm out of them for now. I'm sure I'll think of more later though.

/Roommate Rant
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Damnit...there's loud music coming from somewhere and I can't figure out where.
It's keeping me up!!
All techno beat and stuff.
I can't even tell if it's coming from upstairs or downstairs or even this house!!
Do people actually still use brooms to bang on the ceiling?
Maybe I'll just put a pillow over my head.
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So I'm getting on the Go Train this morning, like I do every morning for my daily commute. I'm the first one on my car, so I'm thinking I'm having a pretty good day. Then I spot it...a primo seat, one against the window AND facing the right way! I slip in and plop down in the seat and am immediately greeted by a big sigh from the woman beside me and dirty looks from the woman across from me. What's the big deal? If I hadn't sat there, someone else would have!
I shrug it off and turn on my walkman to relax and enjoy my window view. The woman across from me is continuing to shoot me ice stares which she thinks I can't see, but I'm watching her from the reflection in the window. She gives up when she realizes I'm not going to look at her and tries to go to sleep.
Okay, we're both short women, I'm 5'4", and there's no way she was taller than I was...I had NO leg room. She slouched down and put her legs totally into my space to the point where her knees were touching mine and proceeded to fall asleep like that. So I'm sitting there with my feet tucked under my seat (very uncomfortably) and my knees as far back as the seat will allow. She suddenly jerks awake and "accidentally" kicks her pointy toe shoe into my shin. She totally makes eye contact with me and DOESN'T appologize...I mean...come ON! Stupid bitch.
As we're pulling into Union Station she looks sweetly at me and tells me to have a nice day. What's up with that? I totally feel like I'm doomed to have the worst day ever now and it's all going to be her fault!


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