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My mom called me with an intersting question. She is buying Christmas presents for some of the residents at my grandma's nursing home. She's on the auxiliary there, and they make sure that everyone gets a present at Christmas, since not everyone has family. One of the women there likes to play Croquinole. My mom asked me what is kind of like that - in that it's easy to set up, and doesn't require a lot brain power to learn/play. I suggested maybe Jenga, but that might not be so great if anyone has shaky hands. What else is kind of like that? I'm drawing a blank!
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#1: Plain White Ts
Anyone own their CD? My mom loves the Delilah song, so I was thinking about getting her their CD for her birthday (next week). What is the rest of the CD like though? Is it all music along those lines or is that the odd song out?

#2: Potluck
We are having a potluck here at work next Friday. I love having potlucks and making stuff for potlucks but I hate deciding what to make! What is your potluck favourite? What do you like to bring to potlucks or what do you like to see on a potluck spread?
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I'm going to a BBQ tomorrow night with some of Dan's co-workers and I'm to bring a salad. I was just surfing the Kraft website for some ideas (I love that website!) and I can't decide. Please help me vote!

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