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One more post, then I swear I'm off to bed for real this time. ([personal profile] kimie reminded me of this...)

I stayed over at my parents place last night before my Jury Duty. My kitty cat (well, my mom's cat) is always so angry when you leave and then try and come back, ie. moving out. So, she pretended to be mad at me last night. Avoiding me at all costs, when she did have to come near me, she either ran away like I was going to hurt her or she swung out at me.
So I'm in bed last night, nearly asleep when what do I feel on the bed but four little paws. She came and curled up beside me like she always used to when I lived there. I think she thought I was asleep and didn't know she was there, because she was gone again before I got up in the morning.
I love cats! :)
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I came home from work this evening and knew that they were going to be coming to pick up the kitty, so I started cleaning up the place a bit...nothing major, just wiped the toothpaste out of the bathroom sink, put away the clean dishes, made my bed, etc.
The phone rang and I assumed it was Robin calling to say he was on the way over to get the cat, but it was my mom. She wanted to know if I wanted some company. She and Jody were going to come over and bring me all the apartment stuff Jody has been borrowing for the past year. My Brita, Microwave, Pots, Bath Mats, etc. I said sure, and went into hyper cleaning mode immediately, dusting, cleaning windows...hey, it's my mom!!
So they got here and I was just showing Jody around when the phone rang again, this time it was Robin and he said he'd be over in 20 minutes to get the cat.
So, I finished showing Jody around the apartment and the three of us had just crashed in the living room to chat when the doorbell rang. It was Robin and his sister (it's her cat) and the guy that's staying with them for the summer. So it's a full house! They all stayed about half an hour then cleared out at around the same time, taking the cat with them. I was just starting to get depressed when the landlord showed up to put a handle on Mike's door, he's been going without one so far. So we chatted for a while and actually have a lot in when he left, I got really lonely. So, I called Dan and talked to him for a while and when I finally hung up it was so quiet in here I had to turn on some music. That wasn't even enough, so here I am. Writing in my journal and listening to music.
I think I'll go to bed.
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While not the most affectionate cat ever, she sure is pretty.
She's currently in my closet curled up in one of those hanging shelf things I bought at the discount store earlier in the week. She's sharing the space with one of my fleece sweaters. Must be cozy!
I nearly had a breakdown earlier though, I had just finished eating my dinner and came into my room to see what the cat was up to and I noticed that my windows were open, and I don't have screens. While I didn't think they were open wide enough for the cat to squeeze out of, I also couldn't immediately see her either, so I panicked. Went around calling her and she wasn't showing up. I started yelling louder and she crawled out from under my bed half asleep. Cats are so dense sometimes!
So I closed the windows and turned on my fan instead. I hope it's not going to be too hot this weekend!!
Note: One thing I forgot when I updated the first time. I went downstairs to tell the landlord about the cat, just in case she needed to come up here on the weekend for some reason, and she told me that their cat died just shortly before we moved in, so I won't get to look after it for July anymore. :( But at least I won't have to worry about it dying on me now, since it already has. I hope they get a new cat so I can go and visit once in a while!


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