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Alright, only worked 10 hours today!
I got home around 6:45 and took a nice long bath! Then I came out and made a nice lunch to treat myself tomorrow as well as my breakfast (a bagel and cream cheese I eat at work). So now I can sleep in a little.
Going to go to bed now too...I'm such a loser!!

Talked to my brother on the phone tonight though. My mom and I are going to transfer the ownership officially tomorrow, so he has no more excuses not to pay me. He's going to send a cheque home with my parents who are going to visit him on the weekend. $1,750!!! :)
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...before I go to bed.
Here are two more things that also happened today to make the day crappy (I had forgotten about them until just now):
-We got two more parking tickets this weekend. $40!!! I'm going to apply for a parking pass for Dan this week.
-We had to take my outer storm window off to install my air conditioner. It is being stored under my bed. Dan has some parts of his futon that he's not going to use that he also wanted to store under there. I guess it was piled too high under there because when he sat on the bed to test it out, he broke the window. Another $40.
*sigh* Is today over yet?
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I was at the grocery store tonight and heard a conversation with the person in front of me. There was a five dollar bill that the guy in front of me was paying with. Written in hand writing in English and French were the words: Track this bill's travels; The man pictured on the Canadian $5 bill is Wilfried Laurier so that makes the website funny.
I'm going to go and check it out.


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