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Watch your mailboxes folks, the third in my series of packages is going out tomorrow morning! :)
[personal profile] kimie got the first one.
I sent one to my cousin [profile] glitter_divine, but haven't heard whether it got there or not. It definitely should have though, as I sent them out the same day and it was only going to Ottawa. Kim's went to the U.S.!!
I'm having so much fun with these!! I have one more almost ready to go. I have a few things that I bought and don't know who to send to though. Is anyone here interested in Winnie the Pooh? Anyone play a musical instrument? Anyone like angels? I knew there was no one in particular I was buying them for, but they were all so nice I just couldn't resist.... :)
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I have like three little packages ready to mail (I was better at shopping then I thought). I even remembered to buy brown paper (read: paper bags) to wrap them you think I have boxes to put them in?
So please excuse any sort of box/contraption your parcel arrives in. It might be half a Kleenex box, etc. I'll see what I can find!
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I'm going to start shopping tomorrow for my little packages to send out. So far I have mailing addresses for [profile] moerkeberg, [personal profile] magicwoman, [profile] glitter_divine, [personal profile] kimie, [profile] mercsailor, and [personal profile] shellbell ([profile] dotcombabe, I thought you sent me yours too, but I can't find it. If you did, please send it again).
Anyone else interested?
Last stuff... :)

I looked through all your user interests and made a list of things you're interested in that I could possibly buy, but if you have any specific interests or collect something cool, feel free to fill me in and I'll add it to the list. It's just like Christmas in July! :)
(That and I have no life...)


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