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First I would like to thank [ profile] heybartender for recommending her friends list check out BzzAgent. I went and checked it out thinking that there was no way I could sign up since I live in Canada, but lucky me - they were just expanding into Canada and looking for Canadians to join!
I signed up, filled out my surveys and a campaign was available to me almost immediately and it was for a book. It arrived shortly after that and I finished reading it in record time. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a great summer read. It's chick-lit with a bit heavier subject matter, and it's an aweosme book!!

I will be going and seeing what other books of hers I can get my hands on, because I really like her writing style!!

In other news I'm feeling great today. I slept like the dead last night and since Dan is out of town (he's at a conference in Toronto this week) I was able to sleep in until like 7:10 this morning, which is nearly an hour longer than usual!! I'm wearing my favourite capris and a cute new shirt and my hair behaved with hardly any effort this morning.
I'm meeting Julie after work tonight to go shopping for some clothes with some gift cards/certificates I have. I'm looking forward to hanging out with her tonight and getting some shopping done at the same time!
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I had the most amazing night last night!!
My chariot ([ profile] bellajellybean's car) arrived right at 5:00 and I hopped in. Inside Julie handed me 3 presents and a card. She told me I could wait to open the presents, but I had to read the card so I'd know what the plan for the evening was. I read the card and if you thought she was done with making me cry with her post yesterday, the card did it again. So sweet! There was a little note inside telling me that the plan for the evening was:
1. Pedicures (on Julie's tab)
2. Dinner (on Julie's tab)
3. Shopping with my best friend (on my own tab ;) )

We headed over to the plaza where the nail place is and we were a bit early, so Julie bought us some teas and I opened my presents. I got the cutest little page a day calendar for 2006 with a little saying about friendship for each day. She also got me some cute magnetic ladybug bookmarks and a copy of Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I'm collecting Judy Blume books. :) The rest of my present was the evening's festivities!

Had a nice relaxing pedicure and got my toes painted a metallic purple! I like winter pedicures, because I can go with a bit wackier colour knowing I don't have to wear sandals to work every day!! :D Julie got a hot pink, and she's got pictures of both of us to prove it. I read a magazine and a whole huge article that was the "Owner's Guide to the Vagina" which was very informative. ;)

After the pedicures Julie drove me over to my favourite restaurant where I had my favorite salad for dinner. Yum! I also had some French Onion soup and a little ice cream sundae for dessert. I had a letter to get a free meal on my birthday, but I waited until right at the end to give it to the waitress so they wouldn't sing to me. That's a little beyond embarrassing!

We hit up Value Village after dinner. I work just around the corner from it and Julie's always talking about it, but I'd never been in. We walked around the stores and picked up a cart full of clothes to try on including a wedding dress for Julie and two formal dresses for me. Julie had on the wedding dress and I had on the tarpformal dress and we were just about to take some silly pictures when one of the employees came and informed us that we needed permission from a manager to take pictures in the store. Julie asked if a manager was on duty, and the girl went to get her. The manager came over and informed us that it was a security risk and we wouldn't be allowed to take pictures. I don't really understand what kind of security risk, but she was a big party pooper. Julie looked hawt in her wedding dress, even though she could barely breathe! I was going to try on the second dress I'd picked out anyway, but the zipper at the back was broken and wouldn't go up or down, so I couldn't really get into it. Boo. I did wind up buying a pair of pants that will fit me in about 5lbs and a gold shawl to break up the black in my outfit for my Christmas party. I spent like $12 on both! I love gently used clothes!

Once we were done there we were far from shopped out, so we headed over to Winner's as well. I had no luck finding clothes there; I'm kind of in between sizes right now so that didn't really surprise me. I did get two pair of underwear though that Dan stole from me when I got home and told me I'd see again in my stocking. I also bought myself a 2-pack of tights (I'm wearing one pair today) and a Christmas present for a special someone on my list. ;)

Julie was nice enough to drive me home as well and she even got a job call for Thursday on the way! I tried to write it out for her, but realized when we got into the light that the lead in my mechanical pencil must not have been clicked up, because nothing showed!! I took my blank paper back and I guess she'll just have to call into the system again to get the details.

I had such a fun time last night! That's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me on my birthday and it was the ultimate girls’ night out! Yesterday was such an awesome day and I still get all of today for it to be my actual birthday!! :D :D I get to enjoy the flowers on my desk from the company and birthday wishes from co-workers (including one who I told about my night last night and wants to know if Julie needs another best friend!). I'm going to go to the dollar store on my lunch break I think and browse for some decorations and center pieces for our company Christmas party. After work I'm meeting Dan and we're going on a birthday date which will consist of Indian food and seeing the Harry Potter movie in the theatre. Hooray! I have a birthday present from him and one from my parents to open when I get home.

I'd also like to thank [ profile] cherish - Kathleen I opened your card this morning before work. She sent me a gift card for Chapter's which I'm very much looking forward to using!!! :)


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