Aug. 21st, 2006 09:51 am
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So my weekend wound up being a lot less fun than I'd thought it was going to be. I wound up staying home all weekend and nursing the cold that hit me on Friday morning. :(
I went home from work and slept about 4 hours on Friday afternoon. Got up around 6pm to eat dinner, watch half of a movie and then back to bed at 9pm for another 12 hours of sleep. I'd thought I would wake up Saturday morning feeling well enough to go, but I didn't. I woke up feeling like someone had stuffed my brain with cotton balls and every time I tried to stand up I felt light headed and woozy. Not the best idea to get in a car and drive 3.5 hours...so sadly I called Jen and left a message that I wouldn't be joining them for the bridesmaid weekend extravaganza.

I spent the rest of the day basically just taking it easy. I emailed back and forth with Jen a couple times so I still felt like part of the weekend. I watched some TV and read a bunch and slept a bit in the afternoon. Dan helped me to make a lasagna for dinner, but I wasn't really hungry so I just had a small corner of that, watched the other half of the movie from Friday night (Braveheart) and went to bed early again. With the help of NyQuil I slept another full 12 hours Saturday night and woke up feeling a lot more like myself on Sunday. I took it easy on Sunday morning, more relaxing and reading and TV. Dan's family was supposed to come over on Sunday afternoon just to use the canoe and stuff and I was planning to hole myself up in the bedroom and read while they were there. They called just before noon and we let them know it was raining at our place, so they cancelled and Dan and I decided to run some easy errands in town just to get me out of the house for a bit.

So we drove into town where Dan returned some stuff at Home Depot and we looked around at tiles some more. Dan decided over the weekend that instead of putting laminate flooring on the landing of the basement, he's going to use the same tile he's using for the woodstove hearth on the landing as well. I liked that idea too because I was afraid the tile for the hearth would look out of place, and this will help to tie the whole look together. It will be a bit colder on the feet than laminate, but that's what area rugs and runners are for, right? I think it will look really nice. We're going to buy enough to continue it into the laundry room too, although that won't get done this year. Dan said he'd run a few tiles into the entrance of the laundry room though, so that when the door is closed it does look finished as far in as you can see.

At Home Depot we were looking for a matching edging strip for the tile we chose. No luck there, so we decided to go to Rona to look. We must have spent an hour looking between the two stores and we decided we'd just use a wooden joining strip between the carpet and the tile. There was nothing that matched nicely that would cost us under like $100! So we bought all of the tiles, grout and other supplies Dan will need to put in the tiles at Rona.

We also looked at French Doors at Home Depot, we want to put those on the entrance to the rec room in the basement. We found them there cheap for about $80 each, that's just for the finger joint pine, we're planning to paint them anyway so that's a good deal. We were going to look at Rona too for doors, but just typing this now reminded me that we forgot to do that. Maybe we'll do it before we go home tonight. I just emailed Dan to ask him.

We also went to Canadian Tire to look at a ceiling fan that was on 1/2 price for the basement downstairs, but the only colour on sale was a black/chrome model and that's not going to match very well in the yellow sunflower spare bedroom downstairs, so we decided to wait. It's not urgent anyway. We also looked at a really small bar fridge they had on at Canadian Tire and figured that's probably what we'll buy. It's even smaller than a standard bar fridge but it will be perfect for holding a bunch of cans or a few bottles of pop/juice in the room downstairs. We want the extra small one so that there is still enough room to plumb in a sink above it to make it a wet bar in the rec room. Just a tiny one, but big enough for the little fridge, little sink, a microwave and probably a kettle so we can have everything we need for movie night without having to go up and down the stairs all the time. Yay!!

We also got groceries. I have nothing really exciting to say about that. ;) We made an easy dinner last night of beef fajitas and we watched Road Trip before bed. We were both in the mood for a pretty brainless movie and that fit the bill.

So there's my weekend for you. Not the fun I was looking for, but I'm feeling great today thanks to all the resting and relaxing I did. I think Saturday was as bad as this cold is going to get, and with the help of the vitamins/supplements the naturopath prescribed me last time I had a cold, I think I took enough of it early enough that it just entirely headed the cold off in combination with my efforts. That's pretty exciting stuff!!

My plan now is to drive to Ottawa this weekend instead. I'll leave Friday after work and spend all day Saturday with Jen. I'll leave on Saturday after dinner to come home, because Dan has a frisbee tournament all day on Sunday and we need to leave the house by about 8:00am. I'll pick up my bridesmaid dress this weekend and even though I won't be there with the rest of the bridesmaids it will still be fun!!
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It was a busy but great weekend. I'm tired today, but it was worth it!
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Aug. 11th, 2006 11:08 am
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I'm so excited for this weekend to get started, you have no idea! (Okay, maybe Jen has some idea...)

My mom will be picking me up from work in a little under 45 minutes. Yay summer hours!! Then we can start our afternoon shopping extravaganza, the highlight of which will be looking for a dress for her to wear to Jody & Jen's wedding. I think I'm looking forward to that part more than she is. Hehe. I'm not sure how long it will take us, but it doesn't really matter. We don't have anything else planned for this afternoon/this evening, that's the main goal!

If we don't find anything we like, we still have tomorrow morning to look as well. Jen's first shower doesn't start until 3:30 in Oakville so we can shop up until then in Toronto if need be. I'm looking forward to Jen's shower tomorrow as well, it's family friends of hers that I've heard a lot about, so it will be nice to get the opportunity to meet them as well as have a party in Jen's honour!

Sunday morning my mom and I have a few things to do at home, and then we'll be heading to Bowmanville mid-morning to pick up a few things there and start setting up the room for Jen's shower thrown by me! :D We will start decorating at 12:00 and Jen will arrive at 12:45. Guests are to arrive at 1:00 and the shower will be getting underway from there! Hooray!!!

I promise lots of pictures this weekend, and I'll be unfiltering Jen's shower post after the shower on Sunday so she can get in and read it. Then I can move on and start planning her bachelorette party, my speech and other wedding related goodness in similarily filtered posts. Yay Future Sister-In-Law!! :D


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