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Ugh. I think I would have been better off just staying in bed this morning (nearly did since I didn't get up until after 11:00, but that's beside the point).
Anyway, the whole thing with Jody and the car this morning and that was just the beginning.
Dan and I went out grocery shopping. We came back, he helped me unload them and then headed for home. I came to settle into my room and catch up on the Internet that I always seem to neglect when he's around and there are six e-mails in my box. They're all telling me that this joke I sent them was supposed to have an attachment, but it was always empty when they went to open it. Had me confused, because I'm not generally a sender of jokes...and especially not through that e-mail address.
Dan called to see how things were going and I told him about my puzzling situation. He told me it was likely a I start kicking myself. I had un-installed my virus software a couple of months ago because it's really old and inefficient and was slowing my computer down to no end. So, I re-install it and update it and sure enough, it's a virus.
It goes through your e-mail address book, as well as my ICQ and MSN lists and randomly sends itself out to people without my knowledge using my Outlook Express. So, I scanned my computer and deleted the file and wrote to everyone who had written to me to tell me that the "attachment" I sent them was empty to tell them it was a virus.
So, if any of you get an e-mail from me titled joke with an attachment, delete it and do a virus scan. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
Damn I hate viruses.

Time to go to bed now before my day takes anymore turns for the worse!
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I have no life.
I updated my web page again.
Scanned and added some new pictures.
Re-touched some old pictures.
Added some clip art.
I have no life.
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Updated the web page a little.
Changed the background/colours and added some new pictures. More new pictures to follow as I scan them. I have some from this past New Year's that I never got around to scanning that I should, and I have more from this past weekend to scan too.
Probably tomorrow night.

My new web page
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Check out this picture and see if you can find the 10 things wrong with
it... It might take a little bit, but eventually they'll jump out at you.
Trust me :)

Find the 10 things wrong with this picture


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