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Dan and I went into town this afternoon. We hit up Home Depot to browse around and look at things we'll need for finishing the basement like laminate flooring, carpeting, etc. We returned a door handle that locked us into our bedroom (the unlock button didn't work) and picked up some Drywall plaster for Dan as well as a new jug of water for the water cooler, a plaster sanding sponge and some batteries. It was a complete zoo in Home Depot, so we didn't stay there long. After that we went to Zellers and picked up a few things there. Some snap lids for canning, a salad spinner and a big container for storing our lettuce from the garden inside so we can eat more of it. Then we went to the grocery store which was surprisingly less busy than I'd expected! It didn't take us too long there and then we were on our way home.

It was nice for me to be out of the house again, but it was surprising how slowly I found myself walking and how tired out I got in such a short amount of time. Normally those kinds of errands are what we'd run after a full day of work, today it was pretty much all I did all day and I'm exhausted now. I guess a week of laying around on the couch will do that to you!!

On the way home we stopped to get Friday's mail. Dan had Friday off, so we were just getting around to checking the mail today. In there was an envelope from the surgeon's office with an appointment card. I have a consultation on Monday July 17th at 9:00am. That's good news! I was starting to wonder if I'd have to go chasing the doctor down to get my referral. Not that I really want surgery...I just definitely don't want to have to go through what I did this week more than once if I can avoid it at all!! The nurse who has been seeing me all week thinks that it looks like it should come out. She said it's got the traits of an abscess which means that even though they've done the packing and encouraged it to heal from the inside out that likely inside there is still a cavity that will just start to fill again and cause another cyst. No thanks! She said the surgeon can remove the offending tissue and depending on how much he needs to remove he may be able to just stitch it up or I may have to go through this whole packing process again after the surgery.

I'm still needing to get my packing changed every day. The nurse will come to my house again tomorrow and then for Tuesday I will likely be setting up appointments at the nursing clinic in Peterborough so I can just go myself before/after my half day of work. I no longer need any kind of pain killer, not even tylenol when they're changing my packing, so I don't have to worry about driving. It doesn't even really hurt anymore when they change the packing, it just feels like someone pinching me lightly with tweezers or something. The swelling has almost completely disappeared as well, which is really helping with the comfort of standing and sitting. The nurse is really amazed at how quickly and nicely I'm healing up, and I'm really glad to hear that!!!

No plans for the rest of the weekend. I helped Dan to make 2 batches of strawberry jam this afternoon and we've got one more batch to make tomorrow, but we ran out of sugar today. Dumb, I don't know why I didn't just buy two bags to start with!!! Oh well.


Jul. 30th, 2002 09:30 am
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My doctor's office just called me back.
Turns out it was just a problem with my health card. I had changed my address since the last time I was there, so that meant the version code changed and it was being rejected by their system. All she needed was the new version code.
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When I got home this afternoon there was a message on my answering machine for me to call my family doctor back.
I was in for my yearly physical, blood-work, etc. a few weeks (probably over a month now) and they said they'd call only if they found a now I'm a little worried.
Of course, the office was closed by the time I got the message, so I gave them my number for work to call me tomorrow.


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