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Don't walk through an alley full of broken glass wearing sandals.
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I was in line at the drugstore at lunch and I was behind a woman with a Mullet buying Infusium 23.
Like that's going to help.
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This morning I became one of the jerks who creates a parking spot on the wrong side of the "No Parking" sign. I was in a hurry, I'd already missed one train and was on the verge of missing another...that wasn't the main reason though...the main reason is even worse.
I'm staying late for the party tonight and the thought of walking 3/4 of the way across an empty parking lot to get to my car just depressed me.
I'm such a bad person.

If I wind up with a ticket though I'm going to be some kind of pissed. I see people doing this every day and only once have I seen one car with a ticket. Murphy better not be paying attention today. I don't like his laws.
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I spent 5 dollars on lottery tickets today, and came damn close to winning $200 but 'damn close' doesn't cut it in the wonderful world of lottery tickets.
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What's up with these men in the data room?
One of them just came out and said he was going to Second Cup and would pick me up something if I liked. I declined as we have a really nice "free" coffee machine in the office.
He offered again "Small, Medium, Large?" I politely declined once more. "Coffe, Tea, Me?"
This guy is persistent!


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