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I'm having a pretty boring day today. The phone's aren't busy and everyone else from my department seems to be in meetings or elsewhere in the building, so they're not even giving me any work. I was plugging away at catching up on filing, but there's only so much I can do of that before my brain threatens to completely melt down, you know?

Had a good night last night at Julie's. She tried a new recipe on us, and it was awesome! We also got to just hang out and chat which is nice! We left there around 7:30 to head home. I made my lunch and packed up my gym bag for the morning before vegging on the couch. I worked on my knitting while Dan played Xbox. We went to bed early last night as Dan was really tired and had a headache.

The alarm went off at 5:30 this morning for the gym, and Dan still had a headache so he re-set the alarm for 6:30 and we went back to sleep. I'm still tired today in spite of going to bed early last night and sleeping in an extra hour this morning. I'm not sure what's up with that!! We will try and go to the gym again tomorrow morning before work.

Tonight right after work I have a massage that I'm really looking forward to! I'm overdue since I was scheduled to have one just before Christmas but had to cancel it at the last minute because of a change in plans. I feel really stiff through my shoulders, and I'm looking forward to getting that all worked out tonight! My insurance refreshes now too, so I did the math and figured out that I can get insurance to pay for me to have massages every 3 weeks this year. That's really nice!!!

I'm Home!

Jun. 23rd, 2002 08:50 pm
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And I'm tired.
And a little pink from the sun.

Had a good weekend though. Not as good as in previous years, but I think that maybe has something to do with the company. It's not really a weekend away with friends when you go away with the people you live with. It would have been nice to have some different company, but no one else was available this weekend.
Anyway, here goes.
Robin was actually on time picking us up and we got on the road right when we said we would. We stopped and picked up Dan about an hour into the trip (he was at home) and we were on our way. We got into the town nearest the cottage and picked up some munchies and some breakfast food. Then we stopped at a local pub for some dinner and headed to the cottage to settle in.
We got some drinks and went down to the porch by the lake and had a relaxing Friday night. We went to bed fairly early though since we wanted to get up and going again on Saturday morning.
Got up early enough (like 9) had our showers and some cereal and it started to rain. Crappy weather. We had planned to go to the beach. So we settled for going and picking up our groceries for a bbq and seeing the sights from the car window instead.
When we got back to the cottage the weather had improved a little, it was still really overcast and humid, but we managed a game of frisbee outside and some wading in the lake before dinner.
Cooked up an awesome bbq of lamb, steak, and turkey souvlaki for me. We also had some grilled veggies and some garlic bread. Baked up some cookies for dessert.

Slept in until about 10:00 and then got up and made a nice brunch with omelettes and bacon and hash browns. Then we set to cleaning up the cottage. The weather was finally nice (isn't that always the way?) So we decided to stop at the beach on our way home.
We set up camp in the shade and played frisbee for a while. We went to go and wade in the water, but there was all this green sludge and floating dead little fish along the shore (Hey, it is Lake Ontario), so we decided against the water. It couldn't have been that bad, because there were people in there...but not for me. We had a little picnic with the leftovers from dinner last night and played some more frisbee. I sat in the shade for the most part with my legs in the sun trying to get some colour on them. I didn't get any there, but I guess my one shoulder was in the sun because I got a lot on there. Oh well.

And now I'm home.
We got out of the car and it was like walking into a wall with the heat. I came right in and turned on my AC and I think Mike & Kim are going to go back to Kim's Air Conditioned apartment later on to sleep. That would be nice. After being in close quarters with people all weekend, I could use some privacy for the evening. :)

Last Night

Jun. 15th, 2002 09:21 am
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Last night I got home from work and was making some dinner for Dan. He was on his way from work and running a bit late because of traffic (I heard on the radio).
He had just walked in the door and I was putting the lasagna in the oven when the phone rang. It was some old friends of ours from high school that I had talked to earlier in the week. They wanted us to come over and hang out at their place for a while and then go out to the movies with them later on. Great! :)
So we went over and hung out and chatted and caught up for a while before heading out to see the Bourne Identity. I had no idea what the movie was even about going into it, so I was really impressed. There are still a few things about the ending that I didn't understand, but I'm sure Dan will straighten me out today.

This morning we're heading back to Ajax to run a bunch of errands. I have a chiropractor's appointment this morning, Dan need a hair cut and to get the oil changed on his car. Then we're going to go to Canadian Tire to get some map books for my dad for Father's Day. We also have an appointment to go and see our potential caterer, that should be exciting! We have a few other misc.. things we need to do as well, but I can't remember them right now. I'll update again this evening when I've remembered. :P
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What a night!!
So much fun!!
Too much food, too many laughs, way too many raunchy jokes and skinny bitch waitresses to top it all off!
I went out tonight and met [profile] mum2hailey and [profile] dreaxo for the first time. We met at this great roof top patio place where we overstayed our welcome by about three hours!
I can't remember the last time I laughed so much, these guys are great!! It's the more we talk the more we have in common.
I can't wait to do it all again soon!!
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Had a rather nice day today. Didn't do a whole lot since all the stores are closed, but I did go and get my car washed and take some pictures of it in case I do move to Toronto, I'll want to sell it and this way I have some pictures already developed.
Had Jody and his girlfriend and Dan and our friend Robin over for a "family" dinner tonight, was really nice. A little too much wine always makes things more fun. :)
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So I'm sitting at home alone the other night, with my parents being out of town an all.
The phone rings, and I'm expecting it to be either:
a) Dan
b) Telemarketer
c) A fax machine (we get a lot of calls from fax machines at our house)

Because, basically, that's anyone who ever calls the house. Well...aside from Jody, but he never wants to talk to me, just my parents and since they're staying with him right now, it kind of rules that one out.

Anyway, it was none of the above.
It was my best friend from high school that I haven't talked to in almost a year! I think we had some kind of falling out...not really sure. But it didn't matter anyway, we didn't talk about that at all. It was amazing, we picked up and talked about things like we always had, like we had just talked on the phone the night before.
She lives about an hour and a half away right now, but she's coming home for the summer, which is about 20 min. from here. Might be kind of nice to hang out with her a bit if that's what she's interested in.

Nice to know that people are willing to let the crap that stands between them go once in a while and "reach out and touch someone". It left me with a really nice feeling and hopefully her too.
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Just one more post then I'll go wash the dye out of my hair and see how it turns out.

I thought I'd update quickly on my whole letter writing "project". I was posting a comment in [ profile] shellbell's LJ about buying writing paper at Wal-Mart today and it reminded me.
I've sent four letters so far. First to my sister-in-law, Graz. Second to my semi-estranged grandma. Third to my uncle and aunt. Fourth to my best friend growing up that I've lost touch with.
Got a letter Friday from my aunt and uncle and they were so glad to hear from me. What an amazing feeling. They want to keep writing to me and getting to know me better. They are moving closer to here this summer and would like to spend time with me and stuff. I'm so psyched.
Mission Successful so far.


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