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1. What's the last thing you broke?
I really can't remember...I guess I've been pretty careful lately?

2. What's the most expensive thing you've broken?
I totalled the car once, that's gotta count right?

3. Do you consider yourself clumsy or graceful?
I'm not really clumsy, but I'm sure not graceful either. I don't really think those two words are opposite...

4. How much money do you have in your wallet right now?

5. Someone asks for change while you're walking down the street -- what do you do?
I usually just ignore them...unless it's kids raising money for a chairty or something.
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1. How much TV do you watch?
I'm not a big TV watcher really. We usually have the news on when we eat breakfast and we watch two episodes of Friends in the evenings while we make/eat dinner after work. For the rest of the evening the TV is sometimes on for noise while I do housework or whatever. The only show I won't miss is Survivor, yay it started last night!!

2. What type of show is your favorite?
I don't really have a favourite favourite shows are Survivor, Battlestar Galactica and Friends. The three of those don't exactly fit into one "type".

3. Which talk show host do you hate?
Anyone but Oprah really.

4. Are you looking forward to any new season premieres?
Yes! Survivor last night and Battlestar Galactica on October 7th!

5. Which show is your guilty pleasure?

Friday Five

Sep. 1st, 2006 03:38 pm
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I haven't done one of these in ages!!! (stolen from [ profile] staceyloobug

Friday Five

1) This is the 1st of September, what do you want to accomplish by the 31st?

I've had cleaning out the fridge and freezers on my list of things to do practically all summer. I sure hope to get it done in the next month! Lame, I know.

2) What does September make you think about or feel?

I always get that sense of "renewal" that some people talk about in the Spring. For me it comes in Fall. Even though I'm not in school anymore, I still have the urge to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes and office supplies to prepare me for the year ahead.

3) September is the ninth month; can you name nine memories so far from this year?

1. Proving myself as a worthy Canadian and curling for the first time (January)
2. Going to see two of my favourite bands, Nickleback & Live in concert in Ottawa (February)
3. Meeting one of my first LJ friends in person - [ profile] shellbell (March)
4. Going to LifeFest with Julie & meeting Mike Holmes (April) Look how much my hair has grown since then!!!
5. My Mom & Dad coming over for Mother's Day weekend (May)
6. Relay For Life (June)
7. Going to my first Blue Jays game in years!!! (July)
8. Throwing a Bridal Shower for my Future-Sister-In-Law Jen (August)
9. Umm...the Friday before the long weekend (this weekend that hasn't happened yet should be good though, Jody & Jen are coming over!!! (September)

4) What does September have in common with three other months and can you name them?

It has 30 days like April, June & November! :D

5) The first weekend in September signals the end of summer for many even though it doesn’t really end for weeks. When does summer end for you?

Summer ends probably more like in October for me. In September the weather can still be as hot as August, but that generally comes to an end in October when the temperatures tend to drop and stay dropped. So for me Summer ends at Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving that is)


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