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Wow...I have a massive grocery shop to do tonight!
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What is another traditional East Indian/Mediterranean dish. So far I have Hummus and Tabbouleh...I want a third to make it a trio.
Let me explain myself a little mom gave me this on the weekend:

Garden Party and Boxed Lunch Auction
to raise funds for
Breast Cancer Research

Sunday July 28, 2002

In keeping with tradition, we will be judging the most creative hat. Prizes will be awarded.

Please bring a lunch with you, to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Bidding will start at $5.00.
Lunch can be a sandwich, a salad or perhaps a refreshing summer soup. Fruit & Veggies are always favourites too! No need to include desserts or beverages, as we will have a spectacular assortment of sweets to tempt your taste buds. Everyone attending must participate in the auction, to ensure that we each have a lunch.
Please list contents of lunch.
No children please. Bring your own lawn chair.

So, remember I went out for dinner to that Indian place with Robin a few weeks back. We had both tabbouleh and hummus there and I loved them. Then at our company pot-luck last week, someone else brought tabbouleh and I was inspired. I want to do like an East Indian/Mediterranean trio for my lunch, but need a third item that fits with that theme.

Oh yeah, and I think for the hat I'm going to do some kind of wedding hat...a decorated veil or something creative. Apparently I have to be really insanely creative if I want half a hope of winning this thing. People get really carried away with these hats!

Cold Dinner

Jul. 2nd, 2002 06:51 pm
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Ham Sandwich
Pickle Spears
Leftover Potato Salad
Diet Coke over Ice

That's about as much cooking action as my kitchen is going to see tonight.


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