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It was a busy but great weekend. I'm tired today, but it was worth it!
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Um...okay, so I lied.
I am around to post. Just a short one though.
Dan's just getting in the shower and I'm almost ready. He was busy playing Warcraft III while I was getting ready, so I'm ahead of schedule now. Even got my skirt ironed and everything!
My parents are picking us up at Yorkdale on the way though so we don't have to rack up miles on Dan's car. Plus, their air conditioning is better, and it will be nice to all talk together in the car. Aside from that though, I really don't know what to expect from the afternoon. Apparently my dad doesn't either though. I asked him what time they'd be returning us to Yorkdale and he said around 10pm. That seems so early! He and his brothers usually like to stay up late and talk, and being back for 10 means we'd have to leave there by 9 at the latest. We'll see. We're going to be parking in front of the theatre so that even if we are late getting back, our car has a reason to be there and we'll be less likely to get a ticket.

Jody called me this morning. He had my/his car taken in for certification finally. The only things it needed were the reverse light was burnt out, and so was the rear license plate light. No big deal at all!! I'm so glad that the little "accident" he was in didn't cause any harm to the certification. I also told him to go and pick up the papers for the transfer of ownership. So hopefully he'll pay me today...finally!! I only gave him the car like a month and a half ago!!!

Anyway, that's all for now I guess. I'll try and send out a few more packages early next week. I sent out two on Friday, and I just need a couple more items to finish out the rest of them. This is so much fun!! :)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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Not that it's a big surprise, but I won't be posting tomorrow.
Got that family reunion to go to and we probably won't be home until late (if I know my dad's side of the family at all...)
See you Sunday (maybe...)
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Okay, so this is kind of wedding related, but not really, so I'm not going to cut it.
I was talking to my mom on the phone tonight and she told me that her and my dad had been talking about my Sister-In-Law, Graz, lately. For those who are new or who have forgotten, here is a quick point form synopsis.
-Found out October 2000 that my dad had been married before and had a son.
-Son, Scott, was at the time 29 years old and married to Graz
-We met Scott and found out he was sick; brain cancer
-We got to know Scott fairly well over a year before he got really sick
-He moved into the hospital full time and I only went to see him once; still dealing with some big-time guilt surronding that
-After not seeing him for five months, he passed away this past January
-I went to the funeral along with Jody, my younger brother; my dad stayed home because of some lingering hostility with his ex-wife and the desire not to make a scene at that delicate time
-Sort of lost touch with Graz again after the funeral, as in haven't talked to her since, not sure if it was a mis-understanding on someone's part or if it was intentional on someone's part

Okay, so this leaves off at this evening. I was talking to my mom on the phone and I wanted to know how my dad would feel about my calling Graz to tell her about the engagement. Word is starting to spread quickly and I really thought it would be rude to have her hear it from someone else, which she likely would if I didn't call her. My dad said I was "grown" and free to do as I wished. So I called her.
She was actually really glad to hear from me. Excited (she loves Dan) as someone who just lost their husband could be. She said she appreciated us giving her the space. She said she's still not sure what she wants and still has good days and bad days as far as dealing with Scott's death are concerned. She said she's ready to be in contact with us again now and wants to see us again.
So I think this was really good timing. It wasn't just calling out of the blue after so long, it was calling with a purpose that served as a really good ice-breaker. So I hope this gets things off the ground for us again. I would really hate to loser her as part of my life after all we've been through together. I'm going to follow up on this one for sure!! I bought a little card for her a while back that I've been too chicken to send. Maybe I'll put that in the mail next week with a few pictures from the engagement. Yeah, then it's not like a card out of the blue, it's a card with a purpose. See the theme?
Anyway, that's my kind of good/relieving news for the night. :)
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Had a rather nice day today. Didn't do a whole lot since all the stores are closed, but I did go and get my car washed and take some pictures of it in case I do move to Toronto, I'll want to sell it and this way I have some pictures already developed.
Had Jody and his girlfriend and Dan and our friend Robin over for a "family" dinner tonight, was really nice. A little too much wine always makes things more fun. :)
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Just one more post then I'll go wash the dye out of my hair and see how it turns out.

I thought I'd update quickly on my whole letter writing "project". I was posting a comment in [ profile] shellbell's LJ about buying writing paper at Wal-Mart today and it reminded me.
I've sent four letters so far. First to my sister-in-law, Graz. Second to my semi-estranged grandma. Third to my uncle and aunt. Fourth to my best friend growing up that I've lost touch with.
Got a letter Friday from my aunt and uncle and they were so glad to hear from me. What an amazing feeling. They want to keep writing to me and getting to know me better. They are moving closer to here this summer and would like to spend time with me and stuff. I'm so psyched.
Mission Successful so far.


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