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I do indeed have a sty and my eye is infected. It's all very minor though, because I came in so early. The treatment is a hot washcloth to the eye 10 min at a time 5x/day for a week. My eye is just blocked and not draining properly and that has irritated the outer clear layer and made it cloudy (not affecting my vision). No drops required. She said I could continue to use the Polysporin drops if they made me feel better mentally, but that they likely wouldn't help my eye. I told her no thanks, since those buggers sting going in!

So that's it. Not contagious, not dangerous, just irritating. Easy to fix though, which is good. And now I know for next time too.

I treated myself to some Starbucks on the way back to work, which I never do. Chai Tea Latte and a soft ginger cookie. In the absence of a prescription I needed something to make myself feel better. ;) Maybe I can hold the tea close to my eye and kill two birds with one stone! :P


Jul. 30th, 2002 09:30 am
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My doctor's office just called me back.
Turns out it was just a problem with my health card. I had changed my address since the last time I was there, so that meant the version code changed and it was being rejected by their system. All she needed was the new version code.
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When I got home this afternoon there was a message on my answering machine for me to call my family doctor back.
I was in for my yearly physical, blood-work, etc. a few weeks (probably over a month now) and they said they'd call only if they found a now I'm a little worried.
Of course, the office was closed by the time I got the message, so I gave them my number for work to call me tomorrow.
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I'm about ready to amputate my nose...
TMI (too much information) about Tracey's nose... )


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