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I'm back, I'm back!
I hate always disappearing for the weekend!
Let's just say that what I estimated for the weekend on Friday pretty much happened and leave it at that. Nothing too exciting. Oh, except that Dan got my computer fixed, so I can now be online from the comfort of my own air conditioned bedroom and don't have to borrow my roomie's computer any longer. My hard drive had crashed, so I now have a new one, but I have to go back and re-set up everything again, so that's a bit of a pain.

Today was Jury was very interesting. I'll spare you the suspense and tell you now that I wasn't selected. The selection process was nothing like I thought though.
Okay, I had to be at the court house for 9:00 this morning. Meant I got to sleep in, so that was exciting!! Waited in line, had my paperwork checked, etc. Then we all sat in the gallery area and were addressed by the Jury Clerk. Told us the general rules: no food or drink, no gum, not hats, no cell phones/pagers, etc. Then he showed us a video on the Jury System in Canada, who sits where/does what, etc. Then the judge entered, and went through all the reasons people might have for not serving on a Jury: undue hardship, medical reasons, etc. and dismissed about 20 people in the process. Then, the clerk put the remaining 80 or so names in a barrel and drew out 20 at random. I wasn't one of them. From there, the people faced the Defendant and two lawyers and the lawyers both had the opportunity to be "content" or to "challenge". They didn't have to give reasoning for either decision, but if either judge "challenged" that prospective juror was automatically dismissed. The whole process took about 2 hours.
When I left the court house, I was told to return next Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday) unless I heard otherwise, so I was kind of excited...still a chance. But by the time I got home tonight, there was already a message on my phone saying there would be no trials next week and I am dismissed from Jury Duty. Oh well. C'est la vie.

Oh yeah, and the wedding shoes I ordered came in on the weekend. They don't fit, so I returned them and the hunt is still on.

Dinner time!
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What is up with me being sick all the time lately? I'm not usually like this! I hope my boss doesn't start thinking bad things about me!!
I went to bed early Sunday night and woke up exhausted. At work just an hour before I was going to leave I started feeling all the symptoms like a cold was coming on. Headache across my eyebrows and my sinuses draining into my throat. So I came home and downed some vitamins and juice and went to bed early again. Woke up in the middle of the night with a fever so I called my boss. I'm feeling slightly better this morning. I really hope this doesn't turn into a cold!! I'm just getting over a sinus infection and a whopping cold sore, I don't need this right now!!
I'm afraid to tell Dan that I'm home sick again. I dunno, he always seems to think that I don't feel as badly as I do and that I should go into work for half a day regardless of how I feel. And then I start to feel guilty...what if some of it really is in my head? Arg.


Jun. 16th, 2002 08:03 pm
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I actually had a really productive day today! Most of my weekends are productive. What's up with that?
I'll finish up yesterday first though.
Went to the Chiropractor, got Dan a hair cut and the oil changed on his car. He also go an engine shampoo too, I was thoroughly disappointed by the process though. I had pictured lots of foam and pretty smelling soap. Turns out they spray your engine with a heavy duty de-greaser then scrub it with dish brushes then hose it off and spray on some kind of sealant. His car still stinks to high hell whenever we turn the vent on. What a let-down! :)
We also did a bit of shopping. I went to Chapter's and bought my dad some new local map books and a card. He loved them! They're always going for motorcycle rides to remote areas and maps come in really handy. I got them one of the area we live in now, as well as the area they're planning to move to. Handy stuff.
Then we came back into Toronto and started getting BBQ stuff ready. We had Robin over for dinner. It was really nice to see him again! We had a great evening.
Went to bed late and got up late this morning. It rocked! :)
We got up and just vegged in front of the Dreamcast for a while before showering and heading out to do our laundry. The weather was nuts today! We went into the laundry mat and it was sunny and by the time we put our laundry in and went to go next door to get some groceries it was pouring rain! So we got our groceries and put them in the car and it was sunny. Went into flip the laundry from the washer to the dryer before walking to the dollar store and it was pouring again. We stayed in the dollar store until it stopped raining and then I went back to check on the laundry. Craziness!!
So we took the laundry and the groceries home and I called my mom to see if she wanted to go shopping. I was in desperate need of a new pair of sandals since it's getting too hot to wear pantyhose to work every day! I got these sandals:

These Sandals
I totally love them!! I've been trying to find a pair like them for years. I probably spent too much money ($125) but I don't care. They're really high quality so I'll be wearing them for years. Yay sandals!
Then I took the Go Train home and am chilling (literally...did you know it's supposed to go down to 10C tonight??). Going to call Dan soon and see how his afternoon was.
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All week it's been go-go-go between work and getting the apartment ready and packing. I had such a hard time slowing down this evening. I actually sat at the kitchen table and ate a home cooked dinner and watched a bit of TV. Now that I have slowed down though, I can't eve motivate myself to pack one measley little box!!
I have a bunch of packing left to do....I don't think it's going to happen tonight. Dan will be mad tomorrow when he has to help me, but I just can't force myself to do it right now!!
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I'm going to have to gush here for a while, then I promise I'll shut up for a while.
[profile] glitter_divine You are still sworn to secrecy on this one. You're the only person I know in real life that I've told...
Okay, here goes.
We picked up our engagement/wedding rings on Friday after work. They turned out beautifully! Only one problem though, when I put them on they were too small. I decided on Sunday to take them back feeling like a complete idiot like I had picked the wrong size for myself, but when the woman put them on the sizing bar she saw that the sizing guy hadn't made them the right size, so they've been sent back again and I can pick them up about a week from today. Not that it means I can wear it yet... :)
June 1st is the day we've chosen to make things "official". We decided to choose the date together and he's just going to plan a surprise as to what we'll do. He says he has two ideas will take all weekend apparently...I'm so excited!! Only a few more weeks to wait...which should seem like nothing in comparison to 5 years, but it's going to draaa-aaag!!! *lol*
The engagement ring itself looks a little plain on it's own, it's just a fine white gold band with a solitaire diamond, but it looks beautiful paired with the wedding band which is a line of about 6 really small diamonds set into a plain, white gold band. I'll post some pictures once I have them back. I'll take some pictures of it on my hand and scan them. Okay, that's all for now.
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Man...I'm really bad for not updating on weekends...just so much going on that I don't even have time to sit down at my computer!
On Friday night I met Dan at the mall and we did some shopping, picked up our rings (!!!) and had dinner. We came home and there was a message that a friend had called. So we called him back and within 10 minutes had packed for the night and were headed out to spend the night there. We stayed up too late, played video games, watched movies and slept in the next morning. Isn't that what weekends are all about?
The following morning we all went out for breakfast, then Dan and I took a cruise by the outside of the apartment just to refresh our memories. I can't wait for next weekend to get all moved in!!
Then we came home and packed up a few boxes, then got changed and headed out for the evening with some other friends, Mike (the new roommate) and his girlfriend Kim. We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, great food! Then we went and drove by the apartment again (in a different car this time so they didn't think we were stalking them or anything) Kim hadn't seen it yet and we wanted to show it to her. Then we headed out to play some Glow in the Dark mini-golf and for once I didn't lose, I came in second last. :P
We got up semi-early this morning and ran some errands. Picked up some painting supplies for the apartment and some other misc. stuff. Had to take the rings back because they hadn't sized them large enough. Not my fault, it was theirs. She put them on the sizing stick thing and the guy had sized them a quarter size too small still, so I get them back in another week. Dan got a hair-cut, etc. Then we came back here and went on a massive packing streak. It's starting to look pretty empty around here which is a good thing. We carried some of the smaller peices of furniture out and a lot of boxes. I have just enough clothes left in my closet to last me a week. It's so funny.
Now we're just taking a break because we carried all that stuff upstairs and out into the garage. Then I think I might pack some more.
I hate packing.
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For those of you who don't know already, I'm completely obsessed with sheep (no, not in that way...) I think they're absolutely adorable and I have started collecting things "sheep". It's really hard to find stuff though. There's always cow stuff and chicken stuff and pig stuff, but for some reason, no sheep. All I have so far is a stuffed sheep Dan won for me at a carnival and another stuffed one I got from him at Easter. He actually bought it at Loblaws of all places.
So, I was at the dollar store last night and I found TWO things sheep...I got a pair of socks (2 actually, since they were only $2/pair and so rare of a find) and this wooden cut out of a sheep on a string. It's meant to be like painted or something, but since I have no painting skill whatsoever, I'm just going to leave it bare wood for fear of wrecking it.
Dan's in NY right now and was going to try and find some time to look around and see if sheep are more popular in the States...we'll see. He comes back tomorrow! :) Sheep or no sheep I'll be glad to see him!!

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Had a good day today. I love Sundays. :)
Dan and I lounged in bed until about 9:30am. Just cuddling and talking, it was really nice. Then we decided to get our act together and go tour a possible reception hall for the wedding. I was starting to get really nervous about things booking up and with good reason. We got there and looked at two halls. The hall that we liked better is already booked for both possible dates that we gave the guy. The other room we looked at is okay, but not as nice as the first one. Might have some potential with decorations and things though, so I think we're going to look at one or two more places this week and put a deposit down by next weekend. This was our first choice before we even started looking because of location and convenience, and they provide their own catering, and guests can stay there, etc., etc., etc. It's a Holiday Inn.
Then we went to Golden Griddle for breakfast, haven't been there in ages. It was really nice. Then we went to Future Shop because Dan had seen a nice RCA shelf stereo yesterday for $62 (regular $159) because it was open box and didn't come with a manual or the remote. It was a 5-disc CD changer, with a double tape deck and detachable speakers. We were just going to go in there and buy it today, but it was already gone. Oh well. Early bird gets the worm.
Then we went to Zellers and got Dan some new clothes for the trip to NY he's taking next week. It's a GE Symposium and he has to get up and present three papers. We didn't get him anything too fancy, just a few golf shirts and button up like plaid dress shirts, just something new to give him a little confidence. He got a couple of new pairs of pants too. He needed those ones. His ones from last summer are 100% cotton and he dosen't know how to iron very well. 'nuff said.
Then I went to his house for a while and we dug all his apartment/kitchen stuff out of his attic and went through it. Between his stuff and my stuff we're pretty well set for the kitchen. The only things we seem to be majorly lacking are some cooking utensils like spatulas, wooden spoons, etc. and a cutting board. Both relatively inexpensive items. We'll pick them up in the next couple of weeks.
Dan made an AutoCAD drawing of our apartment with scale drawings of all the furniture and stuff and I've been playing around with that this evening to find a nice arrangement. Still not satisfied and I probably won't be even after I arrange it in the room. I love moving furniture around!
Anyway, I'm waiting for him to call back and it's getting late, so I should get my stuff ready for tomorrow so I can just go to bed when we're done talking. :)
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...because that's what I've been this weekend.
Dan and his dad have been up on the roof close to 12 hours/day and I've just been in the house making their lives easier. Running through and folding Dan's laundry (yes, he normally does his own). Making meals for them, making drinks, making sure they take breaks, wear sunscreen, grocery shopping, baking cookies, etc.
Now things are winding down and I'm starting to get bored. There's nothing much left to do around here, we finished lunch and I'm cleaned up already and I don't think the weather is going to hold out long enough for them to need dinner.
Think I'll sit here and listen to some tunes and play some games. Yeah.


Apr. 6th, 2002 11:54 am
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Everything went fine on the roof last night. They worked until about 9:00pm and then called it quits. They're back up there again now though and have been since about 8:00am. They're just going to break for lunch soon. I have stuff to make sandwiches all laid out as well as some pickles and some potato and macaroni salad and stuff. Should be good. Going to make pizza and Caesar salad and garlic bread for dinner. I'm such a good hostess. It's kind of fun to do this on my own, my parents are out of town for the weekend looking at their property in North Bay and talking to the builder.
The weather is beautiful today for them. It's bright and sunny so all the snow from last night has dried up. The temperature is mild and it's not really windy either. They look like they're getting a lot accomplished too. I'll take some pictures later. I really need a digital camera though, I'm going to have to wait for the roll of film to be finished and them to be developed before I can scan and post them.
Robin called last night, he's going to come over tonight and hang out. Maybe we'll rent some movies or something. Be nice for me to have someone to hang out with while Dan finishes up on the roof then he can join us and we can have a little party and kick back. I love it when my parents go out of town!! :)


Apr. 5th, 2002 07:02 pm
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It's just one bad thing happening after another today.
So the whole office is packing up all day today because this weekend we're moving all the furniture, getting new carpet and new workstations. We were supposed to close the office at 4:00pm. They were going to lock the doors and as soon as I heard the click (they're done from the guards desk) I could shut down the switchboard and leave. So, it's 4:20 and the doors still haven't locked. My supervisor calls the Superintendent. She does nothing. It's 4:30, she calls again. Finally, at 4:40 the doors lock.
So we head to the Subway together, I had been hoping to catch an early train and get here nice and early, but had settled for catching my regular train (the 4:53). We get down to the subway platform and there's this huge crowd of people waiting for the train. So, by all logic it's been a while since the last train and the next one should be along any minute. 15 minutes later the next train decides to drag it's sorry ass into the station. I'd normally wonder what was wrong, but there's an impending transportation strike in Toronto and last time we had one the same thing happened. Trains and Streetcars and buses start to be mysteriously WAY behind schedule. Sign of things to come maybe, who knows. So I miss my train and have to catch the next one, which is not express (read: twice the ride).
I get off the train and into my car thinking I need to get home fast because I'm meeting Dan (he and his dad are re-shingling our roof this weekend) and he's waiting for me to bring dinner before he starts the roof. I turn onto the road I normally take home (co-incidentally the one directly south of the 401, the major east/west highway in our area and the only one that runs east/west south of the 401 and north of the lake. I turn on the radio and plan to cruise home when I hear that the 401 west has been closed and all surrounding routes are a mess. Just my luck.
I get half way home in the stop and go mess when I remember that I had promised to be home by 5:30pm to pay the guy who's dropping off the dumpster to cart off all the old shingles in. Cue Dan. My cell rings, it's him. He's there, the guy who wants his money is there and he doesn't have a key to the house to get the money. I try and lead him through the maze of steps to get the spare key to our house only to find that my parents have changed the padlock on the pool gate and I don't know the combo. Just great. The guy understands though and agrees to wait for me until I get there. He was caught in the same traffic as I was and understood. Small mercy.
So I get here and Dan's figured out the combination and paid the guy...but...there's an inch of snow on the roof. It takes Dan's dad an hour to get here from his house, so when he finally does get here (he was caught in the traffic too) he decides that he doesn't want to make it a wasted trip and they're up on the roof anyway. Do they not see the inch of snow?!?!??!? It's slippery enough on the ground, never-mind up on a sloped roof tearing off old shingles. I'm in the house right now because I can't bear to watch.
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Had a rather nice day today. Didn't do a whole lot since all the stores are closed, but I did go and get my car washed and take some pictures of it in case I do move to Toronto, I'll want to sell it and this way I have some pictures already developed.
Had Jody and his girlfriend and Dan and our friend Robin over for a "family" dinner tonight, was really nice. A little too much wine always makes things more fun. :)
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Dan and I have this sort of "arrangement" where he comes over every Friday night and stays the weekend. I think I may have mentioned this once before.
With his car in the shop now though, he has no way to get here this weekend, so I have to go and pick him up. He has some stuff his parents want him to do at home on Friday night, so I'm going to wait until Saturday morning to go and get him.
I'm amazed at how much I'm looking forward to my Friday night alone. Not that I don't like it when he comes here or anything, I'll miss spending time with him...but I've also missed spending time with myself. I can do whatever I want this week, go out for dinner with my parents or something...go to bed when I want and sleep in Saturday morning. Just like I used to. It's more the feeling that I'm looking forward to, reminds me of when I was in high school and we didn't get to see eachother until Saturday.
It's the little things in life. :)
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The body shop called Dan this afternoon and said that with using used parts instead of all new, they were able to bring the estimate down enough to convince the insurance company to pay for the repair.
Big relief. So, he can have it back middle of next week sometime, they're going to re-paint the entire thing for him, they don't want the hood to be mismatched from the rest of his car or anything.
His biggest worry now is that they'll try to put his premiums up or something or tell him that he can't be covered for collision anymore.
They won't cover my car for collision because it has a few existing surface a baseball dent in the hood and a dent in the hatch where it looks like they opened it without enough clearance or something. There's also a little rust around the rear wheels. So essentially, that makes my car a rust-bucket and un-insurable for collision. That makes me paranoid when driving and Dan doesn't want to feel the same way in his car.
I think we should start our own insurance company with our own rules and just put all of this behind us.
Who's with me?
Anyway, for all the complaining I do, this is good news.
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I thought I had written the first half of this story the night that it happened, but I guess I was wrong. I just told [personal profile] shellbell on ICQ.
Dan was on the way home from my house last Thursday night. He was driving on one of the many country roads required to get to his house (he lives in the middle of BF nowhere) when he saw two deer on the other side of the road. He slowed down to look at them and when he turned his head back there was a third one in front of him that bounced off of his hood. Smashed up his car pretty good...I'll post the pictures at the end of the entry if I can figure out how. He also killed the deer on impact, so at least it didn't suffer.
He called the insurance company the next morning and it turns out that when you hit a deer it's covered under comprehensive coverage which is good, because it's only a $300 deductible and Dan figured there was probably $1,500 to $2,000 worth of damage to his car. So he dropped it off at the insurance-recommended body shop for an estimate on Friday.
The insurance company called him back today and told him that they figured the repairs to be worth upwards of $4,000 and the worth of his car to be no more than $3,500 which in the eyes of the insurance company means "write-off". Now, looking at the photos, there's no way that this car is going to be a write off...damnit...he drove it to the garage the day after it had been hit, there is no structural damage to the frame or anything, just cosmetic body work.
He's a little upset now because he doesn't know (and neither does anyone we've talked to) what you do when the insurance company calls your car a "write-off" and you still want to keep it. Aren't they supposed to give you some money or something for it?
He thinks he can do an okay job fixing it himself, but not for free. We've got a really good junk-yard around here where you can just wander back and pick and choose parts from about 50 of your kind of car around your year. We might be able to go there and pick up a new hood and side panel (which would be at least what we'd need) for a couple of hundred dollars and then he'd get a professional to re-paint the entire car...which is only a couple of hundred dollars as well. But those things add up if the insurance company gives him nothing. I mean, what has he been paying them for all along then?!?
I just can't wait to get this sorted out, I'll keep it posted.

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I've seen other people do these in their journals and they're kind of cool, so here goes mine, I though I'd do it in relation to my love life in honour of Valentine's Day.

15 YEARS AGO, 1987:
I was in grade 4 at the time. I don't specifically remember Valentine's Day of this year, but I do remember that this is the first time I really noticed boys as being different and worth giving a second thought to. I remember it was in gym class while playing dodge ball, he let me just sort of hide behind him so I woudln't be out of the game. This crush lasted into like high school, I knew that he liked me too, but was too chicken shit to do anyting about it and apparently he was too!

10 YEARS AGO, 1992:
I was in grade 9 at this time. Had sort of lost track of the crush from 4th grade as we were in this huge new school and there were so many people. I was in almost no classes with people I knew. I decided to concentrate on ANY friends rather than a boyfriend. I hung out with my best friend from across the street and we were just starting to get our "group" together that we would hang out with for the rest of high school. Really started to get involved in the music program which would shape the rest of my high school "career".

5 YEARS AGO, 1997:
I was in grade 12 at this time. The first Valentine's Day I didn't spend alone. Had just started to "hook-up" with Dan sort of. Okay, so we'd been on one date. I stayed up until 1am making a Valentine out of construction paper and doilies. Turned out to be worth the effort though since he bought me a necklace and a really nice card. Hugged him for the first time. How monumental.

2 YEARS AGO, 2000:
I was at Nipissing University in North Bay at this time. Dan and I have been together 3 years at this point. Very unhappy being at Nipissing and thinking of leaving. Probably either home for Reading Week or just getting ready to leave for it. Dan and I didn't do anything special for Valentine's Day, since being together was enough. Living 4 hours apart for 2 years will do that to your relationship.

1 YEAR AGO, 2001:
Now attending Durham College, living in Oshawa. Dan and I have been together 4 years now. I live only 45min from Dan who is living in Toronto at this time. I specifically remember this Valentine's Day, it was only last year so I'd better. He came over and I had the apartment all cleaned up for him and candles lit. We ordered Swiss Chalet delivery and he gave me a really pretty potted plant (lasts longer than cut flowers) and a necklace to replace the wearing out one he gave me 5 years ago.

We've been together 5 years now. Tonight we're not doing much special, going out to dinner probably some fast food place so we don't have to wait forever for a table. Then we're going shopping because it's his sister's birthday today and he needs a female perspective on presents. Saturday, however, we're going to the CN Tower restaurant which we've talked about doing since our 1 year anniversary. We were going to go at Christmas, but were both sick at the time and didn't want to "waste the experience". Should be a lot of fun, I'll see if they'll let me bring my camera up. Both of our sets of parents are convinced we're getting engaged. Sorry to disappoint guys.
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Okay, so we went out shopping last night to try and find Dan a new sports coat for the wedding we're going to this weekend. We wouldn't have had to go, but stupid sears screwed up.
There was some computer glitch in the system. The jacket was supposed to come in on Wednesday. The computer screwed up so that it showed that there wasn't supposed to be anything at all delivered, so nothing was. Their next shipment doesn't come until 2:00 on Saturday, conveniently, the same time as the wedding!
So here it was, 2 days before the wedding and Dan with nothing to wear. We go shopping, both in a bad mood convinced that we're not going to find anything and so not really wanting to look either. This is about the time we hit pay dirt at Tip Top Taylor's. We walked by and the store was just plastered with signs saying "End of Season Blowout Sale" excellent!
We looked at a few things, but wound up with a full suit, not just a jacket. And it was originally $300 on for *drumroll please* $50!
There's supposedly some fabric flaw on the front of the jacket...we have yet to find it!
It's an excellent suit. Pictures to follow. :)

Now I just need to find a shirt for me to go with my skirt...think I'll have the same kind of luck?


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