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because I'm tired and because there are things I've really been slack in posting about lately.

Today's Events
-Took the train home after work to transfer the ownership on my car;
-Apparently, to do a tax-free transfer of ownership, you need a commissioner present, and that office doesn't have a commissioner.
-Wild goose chase ensued, ownership didn't get transferred.

-Went to my parents' house for dinner (Tacos, my request).
-Remember why I don't spend more time talking one-on-one with my dad. If it doesn't concern Jody, he doesn't bother to remember it.
-Got all nostalgic in the basement with my mom. She's cleaning out the house before the move.

-Got on the Go Train and came home.
-Garbage collectors have been legislated back to work, strike is over and the garbage is already gone from my street. All we need now is for the litter collectors to come and pick up the litter, and a nice heavy rain to wash away the garbage sludge on the sidewalks that is still harbouring a few too many maggots for my liking.
-Heard a message on my phone from [profile] mum2hailey saying that she wanted to take me out for ice cream tonight and damnit, I wasn't home! I'm sure sometime in the next 7 months the opportunity will arise again though! :)

Recent Events I've Neglected to Post About
-Dan's mom has graciously offered to make my wedding dress for me, I have accepted and am now shopping for patterns.
-Family reunion on the weekend went great, Dan's family is hosting one July 28th, so it will be my turn to meet relatives that even Dan hasn't seen in 10 years.
-Joined Weight Watchers this week. Had my first meeting on Monday, so I haven't lost any weight yet! Will keep you posted though, although I'll probably be keeping closer track of my progress in one of the many dieting communities I joined this week. White is not a slimming colour contrary to popular belief.
-Worked too many hours this week...need sleep!!!

*goes to bed*
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Um...okay, so I lied.
I am around to post. Just a short one though.
Dan's just getting in the shower and I'm almost ready. He was busy playing Warcraft III while I was getting ready, so I'm ahead of schedule now. Even got my skirt ironed and everything!
My parents are picking us up at Yorkdale on the way though so we don't have to rack up miles on Dan's car. Plus, their air conditioning is better, and it will be nice to all talk together in the car. Aside from that though, I really don't know what to expect from the afternoon. Apparently my dad doesn't either though. I asked him what time they'd be returning us to Yorkdale and he said around 10pm. That seems so early! He and his brothers usually like to stay up late and talk, and being back for 10 means we'd have to leave there by 9 at the latest. We'll see. We're going to be parking in front of the theatre so that even if we are late getting back, our car has a reason to be there and we'll be less likely to get a ticket.

Jody called me this morning. He had my/his car taken in for certification finally. The only things it needed were the reverse light was burnt out, and so was the rear license plate light. No big deal at all!! I'm so glad that the little "accident" he was in didn't cause any harm to the certification. I also told him to go and pick up the papers for the transfer of ownership. So hopefully he'll pay me today...finally!! I only gave him the car like a month and a half ago!!!

Anyway, that's all for now I guess. I'll try and send out a few more packages early next week. I sent out two on Friday, and I just need a couple more items to finish out the rest of them. This is so much fun!! :)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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