Jun. 9th, 2002 07:48 pm
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Had a nice day today.
Slept in until 9:30 after the concert last night. It was at 9:30 that it was too hot to sleep any longer and we decided to get an air conditioner. So we got up and showered and did some research on the Internet to determine that Future Shop had the best deal, so we headed out to pick one up. Installation was a piece of cake and it works like a charm. Too bad it's not really hot enough anymore to justify running it. I am anyway. Hehe...I hope it's hot overnight tonight. :)
After we got it all installed Mike came home and he and Dan went to buy a frisbee and we went over to the park. They threw it around for a bit while I pawed through some wedding books. [profile] mum2hailey gave me a great one on Saturday and it's full of so many good ideas!! Starting to get somewhere with planning and thoughts and I'll be a lot more relaxed about the whole thing once we get oursleves booked into a reception hall!! We're going to tour one some night this week, and a few more on Saturday.
Hope we hit some luck!!
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The weather was beautiful.
The Barenaked Ladies put on a great show.
We had seats as opposed to lawns....
And that's about where I run out of good things to say about the concert yesterday.
The tickets said 4:00 start, so we show up at about 3:45.
BNL hit the stage at 9:30.
That's right, 5 1/2 hours of sitting and listening to bands we've never heard of before.
Then, we thought we'd pass the time by going to get something to eat.
We stood in like for 45 minutes to get some nachos and cheese. They're out of cheese sauce. Okay, Caramel Corn? Nope, sold out of that too. Hot dog or Hamburger? Nope, no buns. So we got a coke and sat back down.
Dan went to the concession stand on the other side of the stage later on to try for pizza. He stood in line another 45 minutes only to be told they had just sold out of pizza. Luckily though, while Dan was trying to decide what to do, they brought a fresh one out. We had pizza.
Then...we went to go to the bathroom just before the real concert was about to start and the women were lined up out the door and there was a roll of toilet paper working it's way up the line because there was none left in the stalls. On top of that it smelled something awful. I guess the OMlson Amphitheater isn't used to all afternoon concerts, so they don't send maintenance staff to the bathrooms until after the concert is over.

So yeah, I'd have to call that the worst concert I'd ever been to. The 1 1/2 hours BNL played for were great, the rest was a waste of my Saturday afternoon.


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