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Dude, this whole not having a computer thing sucks!!!
It's hotter than hell in my roommate's room.
It's nice and cool and air conditioned in my room, but the only thing to do in there is clean (it's getting nice and tidy, let me tell you!!)
We've gone through a whole list of what might be wrong with my computer from the hard drive crashing to it being a virus to it overheating and we're back to it being a hard drive issue again. Dan's not going to be able to come over for a week and a half though to look at it. We're going away to Ottawa this weekend and it's too far for him to come here just for the evening.
It might be a cheap fix though. He's got an old hard drive hanging around at his house that he's going to try. If that works I'm going to use it until Christmas when I can ask for a new one. A nice one. Because if I had to get one now it would be very cheap and I might as well wait!! My parents like buying me computer stuff for Christmas anyway, they know I like it. Last year they bought me a 3-D card (my first) and a new printer. This year I'm going to go for a hard drive and maybe some more RAM. It's great too, because they don't have to ask me what I need/want. Dan knows better then I do, so they just ask him and it's a total surprise for me! :)
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I posted earlier about how Dan thought my hard drive may have crashed. Now I'm not sure if there are different degrees of crash or not, but after my computer being turned off for a few hours, Dan told me to go into the BIOS and check a few things. So I turned on the computer and it loaded right into windows.
I decided to seize the opportunity and back a bunch of stuff out. I printed a bunch of e-mails I had been saving, threw all my word/excel stuff on to disks and even managed to burn 3 CD's (making 2 coasters in the process) with all my music. Seems like I can get into windows for about half an hour every few hours or so. It crashes after around half an hour again, but it has allowed me to get some of the more important stuff out. I think I'm going to see if I can get in one or two more times. Once to look around and make sure there's nothing else I can't live without/get again and once to run a virus scan. You never know what these virus writers are capable of!! computer is not completely dead yet, but is seriously on it's way. I'm hoping it's only a hard drive problem, since that seems like it would be easiest to fix (aside from it being a virus, but I have my doubts).
I'm just glad I got a chance to go in and get stuff..I was so worried about that!!
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