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I wound up having to stay late at work this evening, not too late, just half an hour. Just some last minute rush stuff that came up, I don't mind. Get a little extra bonus on the paycheque that way. You always forget that you worked an extra half hour so it's like winning the lottery when you see it on the pay stub! :)
Then the day got even better, I got home and there was a message on the phone from Mike, he's going to be home around 6:30 and is going to make dinner tonight. Woohoo! :)
I think I might be productive until then and get some more unpacking done. I went home on the weekend and brought back more stuff and Jody and my mom came yesterday and brought stuff as well.
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Damnit...there's loud music coming from somewhere and I can't figure out where.
It's keeping me up!!
All techno beat and stuff.
I can't even tell if it's coming from upstairs or downstairs or even this house!!
Do people actually still use brooms to bang on the ceiling?
Maybe I'll just put a pillow over my head.
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I came home from work this evening and knew that they were going to be coming to pick up the kitty, so I started cleaning up the place a bit...nothing major, just wiped the toothpaste out of the bathroom sink, put away the clean dishes, made my bed, etc.
The phone rang and I assumed it was Robin calling to say he was on the way over to get the cat, but it was my mom. She wanted to know if I wanted some company. She and Jody were going to come over and bring me all the apartment stuff Jody has been borrowing for the past year. My Brita, Microwave, Pots, Bath Mats, etc. I said sure, and went into hyper cleaning mode immediately, dusting, cleaning windows...hey, it's my mom!!
So they got here and I was just showing Jody around when the phone rang again, this time it was Robin and he said he'd be over in 20 minutes to get the cat.
So, I finished showing Jody around the apartment and the three of us had just crashed in the living room to chat when the doorbell rang. It was Robin and his sister (it's her cat) and the guy that's staying with them for the summer. So it's a full house! They all stayed about half an hour then cleared out at around the same time, taking the cat with them. I was just starting to get depressed when the landlord showed up to put a handle on Mike's door, he's been going without one so far. So we chatted for a while and actually have a lot in when he left, I got really lonely. So, I called Dan and talked to him for a while and when I finally hung up it was so quiet in here I had to turn on some music. That wasn't even enough, so here I am. Writing in my journal and listening to music.
I think I'll go to bed.
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While not the most affectionate cat ever, she sure is pretty.
She's currently in my closet curled up in one of those hanging shelf things I bought at the discount store earlier in the week. She's sharing the space with one of my fleece sweaters. Must be cozy!
I nearly had a breakdown earlier though, I had just finished eating my dinner and came into my room to see what the cat was up to and I noticed that my windows were open, and I don't have screens. While I didn't think they were open wide enough for the cat to squeeze out of, I also couldn't immediately see her either, so I panicked. Went around calling her and she wasn't showing up. I started yelling louder and she crawled out from under my bed half asleep. Cats are so dense sometimes!
So I closed the windows and turned on my fan instead. I hope it's not going to be too hot this weekend!!
Note: One thing I forgot when I updated the first time. I went downstairs to tell the landlord about the cat, just in case she needed to come up here on the weekend for some reason, and she told me that their cat died just shortly before we moved in, so I won't get to look after it for July anymore. :( But at least I won't have to worry about it dying on me now, since it already has. I hope they get a new cat so I can go and visit once in a while!
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Man...I'm really bad for not updating on weekends...just so much going on that I don't even have time to sit down at my computer!
On Friday night I met Dan at the mall and we did some shopping, picked up our rings (!!!) and had dinner. We came home and there was a message that a friend had called. So we called him back and within 10 minutes had packed for the night and were headed out to spend the night there. We stayed up too late, played video games, watched movies and slept in the next morning. Isn't that what weekends are all about?
The following morning we all went out for breakfast, then Dan and I took a cruise by the outside of the apartment just to refresh our memories. I can't wait for next weekend to get all moved in!!
Then we came home and packed up a few boxes, then got changed and headed out for the evening with some other friends, Mike (the new roommate) and his girlfriend Kim. We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, great food! Then we went and drove by the apartment again (in a different car this time so they didn't think we were stalking them or anything) Kim hadn't seen it yet and we wanted to show it to her. Then we headed out to play some Glow in the Dark mini-golf and for once I didn't lose, I came in second last. :P
We got up semi-early this morning and ran some errands. Picked up some painting supplies for the apartment and some other misc. stuff. Had to take the rings back because they hadn't sized them large enough. Not my fault, it was theirs. She put them on the sizing stick thing and the guy had sized them a quarter size too small still, so I get them back in another week. Dan got a hair-cut, etc. Then we came back here and went on a massive packing streak. It's starting to look pretty empty around here which is a good thing. We carried some of the smaller peices of furniture out and a lot of boxes. I have just enough clothes left in my closet to last me a week. It's so funny.
Now we're just taking a break because we carried all that stuff upstairs and out into the garage. Then I think I might pack some more.
I hate packing.
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Went for a nice long walk with my mom tonight, it's been ages since the last time we did that. I was dying to tell her about buying the rings and getting engaged, but I bit my tongue. She wouldn't be able to keep a secret!! Besides that, I didn't want her bursting into tears in the middle of nowhere on our walking route!
We kind of talked about everything and nothing all at the same time. She gave me some tips on painting our apartment and how to plant a window-box planter on my balcony. I told her what kind of house I thought would suit them best since they don't seem to do a very good job of picking ones out for themselves. They pick the wrong things as being the most important like having a double car garage when they spend most of the time inside in the living room, which in the last two houses has been much too small to fit the furniture/accessories they like comfortably. They're also sacrificing bedrooms by having the bigger garages on a smaller lot, and it's really important to them that my brother and I feel comfortable visiting, but that's not going to work very well if the only place for me to stay is on a couch or a mattress on the floor.
We always have good talks like that...normally when we're shopping though. :)
Anyway, I've been really tired all day with allergies and stuff (maybe the walk wasn't such a good idea...) so I'm going to hit the hay early tonight (no, not the hayfever!). Just need to wash my face and pick out some clothes to wear tomorrow.
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Had a good day today. I love Sundays. :)
Dan and I lounged in bed until about 9:30am. Just cuddling and talking, it was really nice. Then we decided to get our act together and go tour a possible reception hall for the wedding. I was starting to get really nervous about things booking up and with good reason. We got there and looked at two halls. The hall that we liked better is already booked for both possible dates that we gave the guy. The other room we looked at is okay, but not as nice as the first one. Might have some potential with decorations and things though, so I think we're going to look at one or two more places this week and put a deposit down by next weekend. This was our first choice before we even started looking because of location and convenience, and they provide their own catering, and guests can stay there, etc., etc., etc. It's a Holiday Inn.
Then we went to Golden Griddle for breakfast, haven't been there in ages. It was really nice. Then we went to Future Shop because Dan had seen a nice RCA shelf stereo yesterday for $62 (regular $159) because it was open box and didn't come with a manual or the remote. It was a 5-disc CD changer, with a double tape deck and detachable speakers. We were just going to go in there and buy it today, but it was already gone. Oh well. Early bird gets the worm.
Then we went to Zellers and got Dan some new clothes for the trip to NY he's taking next week. It's a GE Symposium and he has to get up and present three papers. We didn't get him anything too fancy, just a few golf shirts and button up like plaid dress shirts, just something new to give him a little confidence. He got a couple of new pairs of pants too. He needed those ones. His ones from last summer are 100% cotton and he dosen't know how to iron very well. 'nuff said.
Then I went to his house for a while and we dug all his apartment/kitchen stuff out of his attic and went through it. Between his stuff and my stuff we're pretty well set for the kitchen. The only things we seem to be majorly lacking are some cooking utensils like spatulas, wooden spoons, etc. and a cutting board. Both relatively inexpensive items. We'll pick them up in the next couple of weeks.
Dan made an AutoCAD drawing of our apartment with scale drawings of all the furniture and stuff and I've been playing around with that this evening to find a nice arrangement. Still not satisfied and I probably won't be even after I arrange it in the room. I love moving furniture around!
Anyway, I'm waiting for him to call back and it's getting late, so I should get my stuff ready for tomorrow so I can just go to bed when we're done talking. :)
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Holy poop is it hot in here today!!
Remind me again why I signed a lease for an apartment with no A/C? Oh parents...right. I can always buy a portable unit. Yep. Can't buy sanity living at home. I'd say I made the right decision! :)
I feel like a living Diet Coke commercial. I'm sitting here sweating drinking a diet coke with condensation on the can with a fan blowing on me. All I need to do is shake out my ponytail and let my hair blow in the wind and the camera crew will be here.
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So my brother has too much of a life to call me back. I have other things to do to occupy my time. Yes siree.
I just finished making graph paper replicas of all my furniture so I can make a floor plan of the new apartment on the weekend and lay out the furniture.
Yep. I have a life.
I think I'll go to bed soon.
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We went to see the apartment (listed below) tonight and we fell in love with it. It's only $1200/month utilities in and it's absolutely huge!! The landlord is great too, she seems so friendly and took a liking to us right away. We signed the lease within half an hour of seeing the place.
It's great, there are three bedrooms. Two huge one and one smaller one along with a massive bright kitchen and an average size living room. The bathroom is huge as well. There's also a balcony off the kitchen where there's a clothes line and room for a few lawn chairs and a BBQ. I can't wait.
We take posession May 1st, but probably will wait a week to move in because we're going to re-paint it first. The landlord is paying for the paint, she just doesn't want to paint it herself. No worries, we're so there.
The only one problem is that the previous tennants lived there years and years and the whole place reeks of cat. I figure once they move out though and we open it up and re-paint it the smell should disappear. If not, there's always Febreeze. :)
I can't wait to get out of here. I must have known today when I started sorting out my closet...deciding what I'd want to take and stuff. I'm going to go out to the workshop later and get all my "apartment" boxes and sort through those this weekend too.
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I'm feeling a little bit better today. I'm managing to keep down a few foods, and that's a good thing.
I decided that since I'm off and feeling a little better I should make use of myself. I'm cleaning out my closet right now. Giving away stuff I know is never going to fit again (or if it ever does will be so far from being in style...) and giving some of the stuff that does fit that I just don't wear to my mom. She loves getting hand-me-downs from me. I think I have one more box of clothes from when we moved here last summer that I still haven't even opened. I'm thinking of not even opening it and just giving the whole thing away, but I can't even remember what's in there, so it might be worth a look before I totally give up on it. Come to think of it, it might be summer clothes...hmm...have to check it out.
Excited to go and look at that apartment tonight. That should be good.
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I've decided to call and book myself off work again tomorrow, I don't want to risk throwing up in the bathroom there again. I was just lucky there was no one else in the room with me at the time. That would have been too much!!
I am, however, going to go and see an apartment tomorrow night again. This one's only $1,200/month (inclusive) because it's further away from the school, but closer to work for me, so I have no problems with that. It's walking distance to the subway, so that's even more of a bonus.
There are two more places we have appointments for and one looks really promising. It's through Mike's landlord, so we wouldn't have to bother with credit checks or application processes or anything like that. The people who are currently living there haven't paid the rent yet for this month and it's apparently not the first time. So he's kicking them out and we can have it for May 1st. It's a basement apartment, 3 bedroom with a common room and a kitchen. It's $1,500/month (inclusive) but within spitting distance to the school so that's a perk for the guys. If I can't have A/C I'll take a basement! :)
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So we went to see the apartment and it was actually much better than either of us had expected it to be. It was in kind of a sketchy neighbourhood...just south of Chinatown and surronded by low-income co-op housing, but other than that it seemed almost perfect!
It's a semi-detached house. The apartment is the entire second floor. It's a narrow little staircase to get up, but once you get to the top it's worth it. There's a huge bedroom along the front of the house with nice big windows and lots of light. That's where we'd likely make the living room/spare bedroom.
Then there are two medium sized bedrooms side by side. Then a fair sized kitchen with a gas stove and a brand new fridge. Then a nicely sized bathroom, newly renovated with a full shower and bath tub. I didn't have a bath tub in my last apartment, just a little closet of a shower, so that's important to me.
Dan and I are going to see another place on Saturday in the same neighbourhood, just $50/month more. Then a couple more next week. Should know before too long where I'm going to be living. And as Martha would say, "That's a good thing"
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I meant to go to bed early...damnit...why do more interesting things always happen?
I have a bunch of appointments to view apartments this week starting tomorrow. The one I'm seeing tomorrow is this one:

Type: Apartment
Rent: $1300 per month
Intersection: Spadina & Dundas W.
Contact: Linda
Date Available: March 12, 2002
Building Type: House
Number of Bedrooms in Unit: 3
Number of Bedrooms Available: 3
Furniture: Unfurnished
Utility Costs: Inclusive
Smoking Restrictions: Non Smoker
Rental Agreement: Lease Renewable
Lease Duration: 0
Summer Only? All Year
Comments: 2ndFloor/1 Bathroom

Sounds good to me, except that it might be in a bit of a sketchy area, depending where along the street it's located, how far up. It might be a little too close to China Town for my nose's sake. The fish smell can get pretty strong in mid-summer!!
We'll see though, worth looking at for that price!! All inclusive even...that rocks!!
I'll let you know how it goes, I'll be home late tomorrow.
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Just got an e-mail from Mike saying that he found a place that might work out for us. It's only a two bedroom, we were kind of looking for three, but it's got a living room plus a solarium, so that's more living space right there.
It's $1550/month and it's right down on the lake. Also includes 5 appliances which I would assume to be fridge, stove, dishwasher or microwave, washer & dryer. Nice! :)
The best part's available May 1st and Mike is willing to move in early with me and we'd both pay a little extra for the summer until Dan moves in in September.
Would mean I'd have to sell my car, but I think it's a worthy trade. I was going to have to sell it at the end of the summer anyway.
We're going to look into it more and maybe go and see it this week or on the weekend. I'm very hopeful!!


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