May. 26th, 2009

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Dan should be starting his talk at the conference in the next couple of minutes. I told him I'd think about him at the right time for luck. He was nervous about this one, which is unlike him. Normally public speaking doesn't phase him, and he's great at it but I guess he was feeling a little less than fully prepared for this talk since he's been so rushed and busy between work and school lately. He also said that there are going to be a ton of experts in the room attending the conference, and they are experts in what he is talking about. He said they also have a reputation for being assholes, so he was really afraid that something he would say would be not quite right and they would embarass him in front of everyone else. I sure hope that doesn't happen and that it goes well for him!

I had a great evening last night with Julie! She came over just after I got home and brought dinner with her. We ate and then she helped me with all my clean laundry, getting it off the clothes line and folding it and even putting most of it away! She then proceeded to clean my bedroom for me, which was fantastic! One of my parents will be staying in there this weekend, and it was pretty much a disaster! It looks much better now! While she was doing that I gathered up the rest of the things on my list to pack and then Julie helped me to put it all in my suitcase and make sure I didn't leave anything out by asking me if I had stuff she'd want. I feel fully prepared for this trip now, I don't feel like I forgot anything. I'm excited for my trip, and relaxed. I have the best Best Friend ever! I know what to expect since I've done this before. Not England in particular, but Europe in general. I'm taking the same overnight flight I took last time, and it worked out well for me. The only difference this time is that I don't have a window seat, I have an aisle. I'm going to ask at check-in if there are any window seats available. I'll be there plenty early, and as long as the flight isn't sold out there is probably a seat to be had. They reserve some seats for check-in, so hopefully one of them is a window.

We'll have a laptop with us and there is internet at both of our hotels, so I'll still be updating here and there and checking email. Hopefully I'll have time in the evenings to load some pictures up too! :D


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