Feb. 20th, 2009

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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] killerwhale

1) When was your wedding day?
September 20, 2003

2) What day of the week was it?

3) Did you get married in a church?

4) How many in your wedding party?
4 girls, 4 boys

5) How many guests were invited to your wedding?
About 109 I think - 92 or something attended

6) How long did you wait to Tie The Knot after your proposal?
15 months

7) Who did you hire as your photographer & videographer?
Magic Portraits for our photos. We did also have a video taken of our ceremony, but the minister's daughter did that for us at no cost.

8) Did you have a DJ or a band?
We had DJ [livejournal.com profile] eightbitbravo (my cousin Caron). She MP3J'd from our laptop and a bunch of MP3s. She did better than any DJ we could have hired. It was one of the highlights of my wedding day!

9) Did your father walk you down the aisle?
Yes he did.

10) What color were the bridesmaid dresses & groomsmen vests?
Forest Green for both

11) Who was your Maid Of Honor/Best Man?
MOH - Jen (My SIL)
Best Man - Robin

12) Did you have a Bridal Shower?
I had two. Jen planned one for me and also my in-laws threw a surprise co-ed shower for us.

13) What type of limo did you get?
No Limo. My parents drove me in their new Buick. It was dark green, so perfect wedding colour!

14) Where did you go for your Bachelorette/Bachelor Party?
For my bachelorette, we all got dressed up in prom dresses and went out to dinner in Toronto. For the bachelor party, the guys got a limo and went out to bars and a strip club in Toronto (with my permission from the best man)

15) What type of wedding gown/tux did you two wear?
My dress was made by my MIL. I loved it, it was so perfect for me. Dan wore a tux with a green vest & tie.

16) How was the weather?
Absolutely perfect! It was bright and sunny and cool-ish. The day before we'd had the leftovers of Hurricane Isabel sweep through, so it was nasty stormy windy rainy. I was so worried!

17) Where did you go on your Honeymoon?
Right after the wedding we took a couple days away in Belleville at the hotel we stayed at when we got engaged (about 2 hours from here). About a year ago we took our official honeymoon to Switzerland, Rome & Paris.

18) What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
Seeing all of everyone's hard work come together in such a great day!

19) How long have you been married?
5.5 years

I couldn't do a meme like this without pictures!! )
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Here's the deal. If you want to, you can comment asking me to list 5 things I associate with you. Then you take those 5 things and expand upon them in your [livejournal.com profile] gonzostar associates these things with me:

I see a Nautropath for most of my health concerns. She is so great at working with me and explaining what is going on in my body and how I can help it to not do things or to do things better rather than just shoving some pills at me or brushing off my concerns, which is often the feeling I get from doctors. I've seen her for everything from what vitamins I should be taking overall to PCOS, healthy eating, stomach issues, lack of energy, lack of sex drive, losing my hair (see PCOS) and she has been able to help me every single time. She never makes me feel like I'm wasting her time with my questions or concerns and always has something to suggest to me to try. It also seems like she genuinely cares about me, which helps! I feel like I could talk to her about anything and she'd listen, care and be helpful!

Ultimate Frisbee
I don't play, but Dan does. He's been playing for probaby 5 years now. I go to just about every one of his games in the summer. I love to cheer him and his team on. They are a great group of people and we've made a lot of friends through the frisbee team and league. He plays all year round now, outside in the summer at various fields in town and in the fall/winter/spring they play in one of those bubble domes. I don't go to the indoor games, because it's just barely heated in there. I tried once and it's just too cold if you're not running around. It wasn't enjoyable for me! Dan really loves frisbee though, it's great social and physical activity so I really try to support him however I can with it. I have no desire to play myself though. :P

Curly Hair
I have naturally curly hair and I love it. I haven't always loved it though, it's taken time and work to get me that way. There are still times I wish I had thick straight shiny hair, but not often anymore now that I know how to take care of my hair and work with it. :)

My mom taught me how to knit when I was probably 7-8 years old and I haven't stopped since. I've made tons of things from scarves to sweaters to baby blankets, afghans, mittens, slippers, dish cloths and on and on. I like to have something to do to keep busy with my hands. I tend to get bored just watching TV or riding in the car, so knitting is perfect for me.

Grocery Shopping
I have a sick love for grocery shopping. It's true. I love to make up my meal plan/list and get organized and pick things out and try to get deals and use coupons. I have to do that when the stores aren't busy though, because shopping when it's busy drives me nuts. So I never go on the weekend. I usually go Monday night or on my lunch break during the week.
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Here's the deal. If you want to, you can comment asking me to list 5 things I associate with you. Then you take those 5 things and expand upon them in your [livejournal.com profile] bellajellybean associates these things with me:

I love to cook! I find it to be really good for relaxing me and making me happy. It's a creative outlet for me, as I most often just take recipes as rough guidelines and change them to make them suit what I need or what I like. I don't get to cook nearly as often as I would like, as we're hardly ever home during the week. When I do cook, I often make a big batch of something and freeze it individually so Dan & I can take them as frozen dinners throughout the week.

I'm working on my love of baking. I've never really been good at it, and I've always wanted to be. I've started experimenting more lately and trying new things with more and more success. I'm making sure to listen when people give me tips on baking and find that it really helps. I want to keep working on baking and get better and better at it! I see myself practicing a lot once I'm home with kids. :)

Purple is one of my favourite colours. I love it! It's been the colour of several of my bedrooms and was one of my wedding colours. It also looks great on me with my hair & skin.

Chick lit books
Brain Candy at it's finest. I never really read this before Julie started loaning me all of hers, and now I'm hooked and we swap them back and forth. It's a great escape from reality, even if Dan does make fun of me for reading such "fluffy" books.

Julie aslo gave me Knitting...but I covered that in the last one!


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